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Hilton Head Island's Sustainability

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Sustainability Vision

The island's commitment to sustainability began with Captain Willian Hilton in 1663 and continued with developer Charles Fraser's forward-thinking approach nearly 300 years later. Fraser established high land-planning standards, incorporating covenants and deed restrictions to preserve the island's cleanliness and vibrancy. His innovative approach limited development, prioritizing natural scenery and blending man-made structures with the maritime pine forest. Away from the oceanfront, homes harmonize with nature, allowing nighttime's stars to shine, and providing sanctuaries for the island's diverse wildlife. Today, the town prioritizes land acquisition for green space, protecting the habitat and cultural resources of its natural inhabitants, including manatees, dolphins, egrets, deer, foxes, and bald eagles, with over 300 acres acquired to date.

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Giving & Volunteer Opportunities

Engage in meaningful contributions by donating or volunteering with our diverse local organizations on the island. Every contribution, big or small, makes a difference. Join us in protecting and preserving our delicate ecosystem for future generations to enjoy. 

Make the Promise

Finnegan's Sharing Shack

Oyster Shell Recycling


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