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Live the Lowcountry Life on Hilton Head Island Island Time

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5 Ways Hilton Head Island Contributes to Ecotourism

In a place as naturally beautiful as Hilton Head Island, sustainability can’t help but be top of mind. This earth-conscious community spirit was inspired by the dream of visionary developer Charles Fraser, who founded our island’s first resort nearly 70 years ago. Fraser pioneered the use of covenants, deeds, and revolutionary new land planning standards designed to safeguard the island’s biodiversity in a proud legacy of environmentally friendly development.

As America’s first eco-planned community, we’re proud to center environmental stewardship in all that we do, from protecting endangered species to inspiring a love of nature through unforgettable outdoor experiences. Read on to discover five ways you can enjoy an exceptional eco-tourism experience here on Hilton Head Island.

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Where to Find the Most Delectable Seafood on Hilton Head Island

On Hilton Head Island, the bounty of the Atlantic Ocean meets the soul of the South for some of the finest, freshest, and most flavorful seafood anywhere in the world. Whether you’re catching dinner yourself or leaving the cooking to the professionals, this is your guide to the best Lowcountry seafood and where to find it.

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A Guide to Active Vacations on Hilton Head Island

There are two types of people on vacation. Some folks want to get away for the week with the aim of one thing, and one thing only: maximum relaxation. You might find these travelers lying by the beach or pool or on one of the many incredible local patios, enjoying lunch or dinner with a glass of wine or a book in hand. The second type of vacationer wants to shake off the stress of their day-to-day with an active vacation. With so many options to explore the Lowcountry by bike and foot, swimming or boating in the ocean and island waterways, or immersing yourself in world-class golf and racquet sports, Hilton Head Island is the perfect getaway for active travelers. We’re here to help you start planning your energetic escape by walking you through the best activities for your next trip.


A Guide to Shopping on Hilton Head Island

While vacationing, it's essential to balance relaxation with exploration. Besides immersing yourself in the local cuisine and scenery, discovering the unique offerings of small shops and artisans adds depth to your experience. Luckily, Hilton Head Island has a diverse array of signature stores, boutiques, and crafters, each offering treasures that capture the essence of the Lowcountry. Not only do these souvenirs create lasting memories, but they also support local businesses and add cultural value to your trip. Keep reading to learn how to enhance your shopping experience while championing local businesses during your next Hilton Head Island getaway.

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Hilton Head's Wildlife Encounters: Birdwatching and Nature Tours

It’s more than just beach-goers and adventure-seekers who flock to the pristine natural beauty of Hilton Head Island’s landscape. Over 200 species of feathered friends make their home here in the Lowcountry’s sandy coastlines, lush green forests, and protected wetlands. Whether you’re a beginner birder or a long-time enthusiast, you’ll discover a dream bird-watching destination on Hilton Head Island.

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Outdoor Adventures on Hilton Head Island Beyond the Beach

Hilton Head Island is a destination renowned for its beaches. With 12 miles of pristine, white sand and tranquil waters, the island’s coastline has captured the hearts of locals and visitors alike. But there is more adventure to be had on America’s Favorite Island® beyond the beach. 

Whether you want to explore Hilton Head Island’s sprawling bike trails, hit the water, or spend the day out on the green, we’re sharing some of the best outdoor adventures on the island for the days when you’re seeking excitement beyond the sandy shores.