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Finding Wellness on Hilton Head Island

By Hilton Head Insider

Here on Hilton Head Island, wellness weaves through almost every activity and landscape. From the world-class golf courses and scenic cycling paths to the holistic spa retreats and lively racquet sports,  the Lowcountry offers an abundance of ways to embrace health and happiness. Whether visiting here for the first time or returning for another escape to America's Favorite Island®, you’ll find many opportunities to refresh your mind, body, and spirit — here are a few of our favorites. 

Tee Off to Wellness: Golfing on Hilton Head Island

Golf isn’t just a game or pastime on Hilton Head Island; it’s a chance to enhance your mental and physical well-being. Courses like the one at Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort and Sea Pines Golf Courses blend passion for the game with the love of nature, providing a backdrop for 18 holes of 
relaxation and rejuvenation (and maybe just a bit of healthy competition). 

With 23 championship golf courses designed by golf legends, you’ll find an unmatched experience here that beckons both seasoned golfers and enthusiasts alike, making it a perfect retreat for those looking to combine their love for the game with the pursuit of wellness.

Discover more golf options in Hilton Head Island.

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Pedal Through Paradise: Cycling the Lowcountry

Take in the unparalleled beauty of Hilton Head Island on two wheels, where the ride is as awe-inspiring as the destination! With over 60 miles of bike trails weaving through the island, including paths along pristine beaches and through maritime forests, see for yourself how cycling supports both physical health and a deep connection with the island's natural beauty. 

Ready to explore the famous Lowcountry? Pedal at your own pace or plan your route with local experts like Hilton Head Bicycle Company and Peddling Pelican Cruiser to find the perfect rental for your adventure. These trusted partners offer a wide range of bikes to suit every age and interest, from beach cruisers to high-performance models, ensuring everyone from toddlers to grandparents can join in the fun! Now is your chance to discover why Hilton Head Island is America's Favorite Island® for cyclists and nature lovers alike.

For more information on bike rentals, trails, and guided tours, visit our Bicycling Adventures page to start planning your two-wheel trip through this coastal paradise. 


Holistic Harmony: Health & Wellness Options

On Hilton Head Island, wellness is not just an activity; it's a lifestyle. With premier destinations like The Indigo Spa and Hilton Head Health, you’re invited to embark on a wellness journey that nurtures both body and spirit.

Dive into the rejuvenating world of Pure Salt Studios, where you can immerse yourself in the restorative embrace of salt therapy. This unique studio stands out for its innovative use of Himalayan salt in sessions, designed not just to relax but to cleanse and invigorate. Here, guests discover a new path to wellbeing, surrounded by the healing ambiance of salt-enriched air, proven to aid respiratory health and skin vitality. This is the relief you are looking for. 

For over 40 years, Hilton Head Health has been at the forefront of health and wellness retreats, offering a comprehensive approach to wellness that combines fitness, nutrition, and mindful living. From weight loss and wellness programs to cooking classes and outdoor activities, set in a supportive and beautiful environment, this retreat provides a pathway to achieving personal health and wellness goals. 

Explore more spa and health options here on Hilton Head Island. 

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Rally for Wellness: Racquet Sports on Hilton Head Island

Racquet sports on Hilton Head Island serve up a perfect blend of competition and wellness! Whether it's the strategic game of tennis or the fast-paced excitement of pickleball, these activities offer a fun way to stay active while on vacation.

At the Sea Pines Racquet Club, immerse yourself in a setting where expert coaching and top-tier facilities encourage you to elevate your game amidst the resort's natural beauty! The club features a variety of clay courts, offering lessons, clinics, and daily round-robin tournaments suitable for all ages and skill levels.

Celebrated for its tennis and rapidly growing pickleball programs, Palmetto Dunes Tennis & Pickleball Center prides itself on promoting active play in a friendly atmosphere. With a mix of clay and hard courts available, players can take advantage of a range of instructional programs, including private lessons, group clinics, and fun-themed tournaments.

Whether you're seeking to improve your technique, compete, or simply enjoy the game, the island's racquet sports venues provide ample opportunity to stay active and engaged in a supportive community environment.

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To Your Health, and Hilton Head Island

Healthy lifestyles and Hilton Head Island go hand in hand. With so many recreational and relaxing activities to choose from, each swing, pedal, and volley is another step toward a healthier, happier you. Start planning your wellness retreat to Hilton Head Island today.

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