December Hilton Head Island Weather

It’s officially sweater weather on Hilton Head Island. Even the balmy coasts of South Carolina can’t fully escape winter, as temperatures continue to cool across the region.

Brisk days are not uncommon during December on the Island, but most days maintain relatively mild and pleasant temperatures. Daily temperatures fall mostly between a low of 42 degrees and a high of 62 degrees, with nearly every day reaching 50 degrees and over. As daylight dwindles before the winter solstice, the temperatures drop significantly during nighttime hours, with four or more nights hovering around freezing. That said, don’t rule out the occasional time on the beach if temperatures climb into the 70s for a  day or two.

It might not be the best time of year to go for a swim, but there’s still plenty to do outdoors. Nature walks, heritage tours, and birding are all great options, while festivities such as Harbour Town Lights at The Sea Pines Resort are a great way to experience Hilton Head Island this holiday season.

Town Lights at The Sea Pines Resort are a great way to experience Hilton Head Island this holiday season.

December brings a day or two a week of showers, which is normal for Hilton Head Island as winter approaches. Aside from approximately two days of heavy rainfall during the month, periods of rain should be intermittent and easy to work into your vacation itinerary. Just be sure to bring a waterproof coat to stay warm and dry.

Despite shorter days, you can expect to see periods of sun throughout most of December on the island, with an average 9 days of clear skies and less than 30 percent cloud cover. Take advantage of the sunny weather as they are likely the warmest of the month and perfect for outdoor activities.

Even the cooler weather on Hilton Head Island remains humid due to its subtropical climate. Mornings humidity averages 82 percent,  but afternoons and evenings become much more comfortable with the humidity dropping to 52 percent. Regardless of the time of day, the humidity should not be bothersome due to December’s comfortable temperature ranges.


High: 61℉Low: 42℉
Rainfall: 3.1 inches
Hilton Head Island
Hilton Head Island

5-Day Forecast

July 06
Partly sunny w/ t-storms

Partly sunny w/ t-storms

High: 90°F
Low: 80°F
POP: 40%
July 07


High: 91°F
Low: 80°F
POP: 88%
July 08
Partly sunny w/ t-storms

Partly sunny w/ t-storms

High: 92°F
Low: 78°F
POP: 60%
July 09
Intermittent clouds

Intermittent clouds

High: 92°F
Low: 75°F
POP: 80%
July 10


High: 83°F
Low: 74°F
POP: 89%
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