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How to Inject Lowcountry Style into Your Home

By Hilton Head Insider

Vacations are a welcome reprieve from the stresses of everyday life. And there’s no more relaxing place on earth than Lowcountry, where worries melt away and life runs on island time. Whether you spend a few weeks in a beach house or a few days in a luxury hotel, you’re sure to leave Hilton Head Island feeling refreshed and renewed.

You may not be able to bring warm Hilton Head Island sunshine or gentle tropical breezes home with you, but you can evoke that relaxed vacation feeling year-round by injecting a little Lowcountry style into your home. We’ve got five simple ways to do just that.


What scents remind you of Lowcountry? Perhaps it’s the salty ocean air, fragrant jasmine, or smoky backyard fire pits. Select a scent that matches your favorite Hilton Head Island memory and rekindle the spirit of vacation year-round. Check out our Southern Home Decor Pinterest board for inspiration!


If you love quaint Southern expressions like “Oh my stars” and “Bless your heart”, there are plenty of ways to incorporate them into your home décor. Look for coasters, throw pillows, mugs, and wine glasses with your favorite Southern phrases on them. Check out these selections from actress Reese Witherspoon’s Draper James line.

draper james bowls


Hilton Head Island is an ideal destination for sailing and boating, thanks to the warm waters that surround the island. Add some nautical elements to your home décor to remind you of your Lowcountry vacation. Think stripes, anchors, and rope details. For inspiration, check out the gallery of Lowcountry homes and home decor below.


What’s your go-to vacation cocktail? Stock your bar at home with all the necessary ingredients to recreate your favorite drink for a little taste of vacation at home. We’ve included recipes for three favorites to get you started. Toast to your next vacation!

margarita recipe


Mint Julep Recipe


spiked sweet tea recipe



Here in the South, “porch-sitting” is practically an official pastime. There’s nothing more relaxing! Use the beautiful Southern homes of Hilton Head IslandBluffton, and Daufuskie Island for inspiration and step up your own porch game at home. Add a couple of rocking chairs, some outdoor throw pillows, stringed lights, a blanket for chilly nights, and a place to set your drink.

Injecting a little Lowcountry style into your home décor will help make the time between vacations pass a little more quickly. When will we next see you on Hilton Head Island?

It’s a great time to start planning your next Lowcountry vacation! Check out travel offers here.

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