Wellness Travel Trends That Are Here to Stay

Health and wellness doesn’t take a break just because you’re on vacation. In fact, on Hilton Head Island, we’ve found that health and wellness go hand-in-hand with vacation perfectly. From sun-drenched days relaxing on the beach to heart-pounding workouts on the pickleball court, both your mental and physical health will flourish on America’s Favorite Island®.

It seems like every year there are new wellness travel trends that come and go, but as we look ahead to the new year, we want to share some of the wellness travel trends that we think are here to stay.  Not only that, we’re also highlighting some of the many activities and amenities available to you here on Hilton Head Island that will make your vacation a truly rejuvenating and enjoyable experience — all while keeping your health and wellness in mind.

Long-term trips, or Travel Stacking

Now that travel is back on the agenda, travelers are choosing to make the most of their vacation time by trip staking. This practice involves booking multiple trips back-to-back to make the most of their paid time off. Thanks to the abundance of resorts, villas, inns and hotels on Hilton Head Island, stretching your trip out over multiple weeks and several locations is a breeze. To extend your vacation even longer, opt to work remotely for part of your holiday and use your vacation days to round out your Hilton Head Island adventure, taking full advantage of the many sights and sounds here in our beautiful slice of the Lowcountry.

Reconnecting with Nature

Breathe in, breathe out – on America’s Favorite Island®, you’re surrounded by nature. Take a step back from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life and reconnect with your loved one by exploring the natural world. Aside from the undeniable cognitive and physical benefits, spending time outside is known to boost your creativity, happiness, and overall well-being. After a vacation on Hilton Head Island, you’ll return home relaxed and energized.

From sailing around the Calibogue Sound with Vagabond Cruise to sunset horseback riding along the beach with Daufuskie Trail Rides, to biking through a nature preserve on one of Hilton Head Island’s 60 miles of leisure pathways, there are plenty of outdoor adventures for the whole family. Nature is always on-trend on Hilton Head Island.

Self-Care Spa Trips

Self-care is integral to wellness, and what better way to give yourself some much-needed me-time than a trip to the spa? If an afternoon of getting pampered sounds like your idea of a good time, you’re not the only one! The spa industry is expected to grow by 3.1% in 2022, and massages are expected to grow in demand by 12.4%! Lucky for you, we’ve been ahead of the spa and self-care curve for a long time now. Our island is home to spas and wellness clinics to suit every need.

From manicures and facials to cryotherapy and stem cell therapy, Hilton Head Island offers endless wellness retreats and clinics for you to explore. Looking to try something new? Pure Salt Studios offers dry salt therapy that promotes better breathing, healthier skin, sound sleep, improved physical fitness and endurance, and overall wellness.

Exercise-based Activities

Now that you’re feeling fresh and centered after your trip to the spa, it’s time to get your blood pumping with some exercise! Hit the green on one of Hilton Head Island’s 23 championship golf courses, play a game of pickleball or tennis under the big lights, kayak with dolphins along the coast, or flow into a downward dog while you practice yoga on the beach.  There are plenty of ways to get a good workout here.  A natural pro or novice to the sport, you’ll always find something new and challenging to accomplish when you’re on our island.

Feel-good fuel

What’s a vacation without delicious meals to keep you fueled during your time in the sun? Fresh, local, seasonable delicacies are always on the menu — and on-trend — on Hilton Head Island. You can sip wine and shuck oysters as you sit next to the coast, indulge in a barbeque feast with friends while recapping your best shots of the day on the golf course, or dive right into our local culture and find yourself at home as you enjoy the Lowcountry cuisine we’re famous for.

Looking to shake things up and truly live in the moment while on America’s Favorite Island®? Hilton Head Island is home to several personal chefs who create spectacular dishes right in your own vacation rental. Able to cater to any dietary needs and create a menu that serves your family best, treat yourself to the best of what our island has to offer.

Explore all the delicious dishes you can sample during your Hilton Head Island vacation here.

Live your best life on Hilton Head Island

As you can see, vacation doesn’t mean compromising on your health. On America’s Favorite Island®, you can indulge your senses and the desire for both relaxation and adventure all while keeping your wellness top of mind. With a list of activities and accommodations that stretch nearly as long as beaches you’ll have access to once you arrive, it’s time to start planning your healthy Hilton Head Island getaway.

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