The AIMEE NOLTE Quartet featuring Nicki Parrott, Justin Varnes & Taylor Roberts

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Location:  The Jazz Corner

The Jazz Corner 1000 William Hilton Parkway, hilton head island, SC 29928

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Downbeat Review – Aimee Nolte’s voice is beautiful, sonorous and reflective on her latest album Looking For The Answers, The singer arranged and produced every track on the album, lending a consistent aesthetic and laid-back vibe to most of the cuts here. What separates Nolte from other vocalists and composers is the poetry and storytelling quality of her compositions, with lyrics reminiscent of Joni Mitchell – just minus Mitchell playfulness. “Save Me One Last Time” speaks to the bandleadeader’s seriousness as a lyricists when the theme of lost love is addressed: “If I keep on falling, I’ll be lost forever/ Save me one last time.”


Aimee Nolte is a jazz singer and pianist who lives in the LA area and performs regularly, both solo and with her trio. She is primarily a jazz player but knows over a thousand songs and can play them at the drop of a hat. She has a jazz piano degree from Brigham Young University and has been an active performer ever since she graduated in 1998; even as a wife and mother of 4!

She has released two full-length albums so far that have been reviewed as deeply personal, captivating pieces of art. In 2016, Aimee started her YouTube channel, “Aimee Nolte Music” where she shares the music that is inside of her with the world. Teaching topics like harmony, arranging, advanced jazz piano techniques, and even beginning piano and vocal skills comes as second nature to Aimee. This single is the first step in a new album that will be finished around the end of 2018, and it marks a new stepping stone in Aimee’s career. With it, she hopes to find a new, warmer vibe; an organic-feeling sensibility that takes from her jazz background but sees no limits, and stretches to include all flavors of music. “The Loveliest Girl” really captures that new feeling that she’s trying to achieve with the use of orchestral-type scoring for woodwind instruments and lovely textual painting that makes you want to close your eyes and journey through the story that the song tells.

Listen carefully. You won’t want to miss a thing…

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