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Hilton Head Diner

6 Marina Side Dr., Hilton Head Island, SC 29928

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It’s your place because we move at your pace. If you’re in a rush, were in a rush. If you’re not, you can take your sweet time. And that means you and your friends will be able to cover the week's gossip over a burger and some fries. It means you can sit with a client as long as you like, discussing business over a cup of coffee. It means you can feel free to linger over dessert with a date you want to get to know better. And it means you can come here with your family for a five-course meal and not have to worry about annoyed looks if your children don’t act like perfect adults. In the modern world there are so few places like this one, a comfortable middle ground away from home and away from work, where we can come together with our friends and family over food and gossip, jokes and conversation. THE HILTON HEAD DINER is proud of the food we serve, and we believe that the warm, easy-going atmosphere we provide is every bit as important to our customers as what is on the menu. OPEN 7 DAYS 24 HOURS ALL ITEMS AVAILABLE FOR TAKE OUT.


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