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steamed mussels

Reilley’s North End Pub Steamed Mussels

By Hilton Head Insider

Recipe courtesy of Reilley’s North End Pub 

Serves 2

Ingredients: Steamed Mussels

  • 12 Prince Edward Island mussels – cleaned and trimmed
  • 1 Tomato – diced
  • 1/2 Red onion – diced
  • 1 oz. Capers, drained and rinsed
  • 2 Cloves garlic – chopped
  • 6 Tbs. unsalted butter – cut into cubes
  • Juice of 1/2 a lemon
  • 1/2 C. White wine
  • Parsley – one stem, chopped
  • Salt and pepper
  • French bread for serving – sliced and lightly toasted
  • Lemon slice for serving

Preparation for Steamed Mussels

  1. Bring a cast iron skillet (you may use a stainless skillet if cast iron is not available) to temperature.
  2. Add the tomatoes, red onion, and mussels to the hot skillet and stir to mix.
  3. Add the capers, garlic and butter. Stir to mix and melt the butter (be careful not to burn the butter)
  4. Sautée all ingredients until the butter is melted.
  5. Add lemon juice, white wine and salt and pepper.
  6. Allow to steam until all mussels have fully opened and sauce is reduced by half. It is very important that all mussels open prior to serving. If there are one or two that have not opened, discard those mussels and do not eat them.
  7. Remove from heat (carefully), and finish with the stem of fresh parsley.
  8. Serve with the bread and a slice of lemon.

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