2021 Heritage Library Winter Programs: AUTHOR CHAT – Only Death, Tragedy in Williamsburg

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All programs this winter will be on Zoom. Zoom links are sent out to registered participants the evening before the program. We will not be recording classes or other programming but will offer additional programming throughout the year.

AUTHOR CHAT – Only Death, Tragedy in Williamsburg

Friday, January 15, 2021 | 11:00 AM – 12:00 NOON

Author David H. Brown

This is a historical-fictional novel based on an actual event that occurred in Williamsburg County, South Carolina, in the year 1870. Some names have been changed, and some events have been embellished and expanded upon. Overall, this is what happened leading up to a very tragic climax. It started out as a friendly competition between two former Confederate soldiers for the hand of a lovely young lady. Over time, the competition developed into a feud and progressed to the point where a challenge to a duel was issued. One of the young men was very intelligent and highly educated. The other was a simple farmer. The challenge led to the death of one of these young men. One was the writer’s great-grandfather. The writer was told this story over a half-century ago by his grandfather. He feels that the story must be told so that others may learn what arrogance, obstinance, and vanity can lead to.

Cost: $5.00

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