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Live the Lowcountry Life on Hilton Head Island Island Time

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What to Pack on Your Hilton Head Island Vacation

You did it! You planned your vacation to America’s Favorite Island®. You’ve picked your resort, researched the best restaurants, and booked your excursions and rest days; all that is left to do is pull out your suitcase and pack. While a joy for some people, others would love a little help packing their bags. Luckily, we are here to assist in making your vacation as seamless and relaxing as possible by reminding you what to pack. Regardless of your purpose for visiting Hilton Head Island, we’ll make packing a breeze!

family running on the beach

5 Fascinating Facts About Sea Turtles on Hilton Head Island

With its sun-kissed beaches, vibrant coastal landscapes, and a commitment to conservation, Hilton Head Island is a paradise teeming with extraordinary wildlife. Every year, locals and visitors have the incredible opportunity to witness the awe-inspiring sight of sea turtles returning to our shores to nest, as well as the heartwarming adventure of their hatchlings making their way to the water for the first time. If you’re interested in learning more about these fascinating creatures, you’ve come to the right place! Today, we’re sharing five exciting sea turtle facts with you. Get ready to be swept away by their ancient rituals, mesmerizing nests, and epic ocean adventures. Let’s jump in and discover the secrets of these beachside celebrities on America’s Favorite Island®!

Small baby turtles on a beach.

The Cottage – Café, Bakery & Tea Room‘s Chocolate Lavender Love Cake

Recipe courtesy of The Cottage


Our Wide Open Space: Hilton Head Island’s Beach Is Vast, Hard-Packed, and Lively

Bring flip flops when you go to the beach on Hilton Head Island. The shores are sugar sand firm. Your bare feet may soon grumble, for this seashore is about as solid as pavement. There is good evidence for this—millennia of geologic activity and ocean waves have molded our solid strand. It is wide and level and unlike most other shores in America. Let’s find out why.

Aerial Beach Shot

Rees Jones


Pete Dye’s iconic Harbour Town Golf Links and its famous lighthouse will always be the face of Hilton Head Island golf. But it can be argued that the “Open Doctor”, Rees Jones, who recently spent significant time on the Island reworking one of his masterpieces, should be placed right next to Dye in the Island’s Gallery of Greatness.

Harbour Town Golf Links #17

Food Finds and Good Times in Hilton Head Island

If you are in any way familiar with Hilton Head Island, you already realize that restaurants here are so good; they provide reason alone to visit our fair Lowcountry isle. The Island is now squarely in the middle of a renaissance of sorts, with many fun, fresh eateries shooting to the front of the class in both style and substance.