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A 2015 Golf Resolution: Enjoy a Caddie

Disclaimer- I still haven’t come to a consensus on if it’s ‘caddy’ or ‘caddie’. My online dictionary seems to say either one is OK. I just don’t want you confused with my grandfather’s car! Secondary Disclaimer- I am one (not my grandfather’s car), a few days a week at Harbour Town Golf Links and absolutely […]

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Love EVERYDAY in Old Town Bluffton

Any day is a good day for a Valentine’s celebration- the thought on the minds of most couples when they settle in on Valentine’s Day for the celebration of love and romance. No matter your age or how long you have been together – new in your relationship enjoying that first rush of emotion, young […]

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Sweat Eats For All The Sweeties In Your Life

The ancient Greeks identified six different forms of love: Eros = Sexual passion Philia = Friendship Ludus = Playful love (i.e. flirting) Agape = “Yoga love” (my term for love for all beings) Pragma = Enduring love (i.e. what your grandparents have) Philautia = Self-love Whether you have all or one of these love types […]

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Bluffton’s In the mood for: Oysters

Everyone has heard the saying “Brave was the first man who ate an oyster.”  I have visions of a prehistoric ancestor gathering an oyster out of the dark pluff mud of ancient Lowcountry waters, looking at it a with a bemused prehistoric expression and deciding to pry it open.  What a delicious surprise he (or […]

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Bringing Lowcountry Golf To YOU

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve more likely had a snow shovel in your hand than a sand wedge lately. Just about everywhere north of the Lowcountry is in the midst of another brutal winter. We know. I, along with two other Lowcountry golf nuts, Tony Pineda, and assistant pro at Harbour Town, and […]

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