PD-GolfBike-12 Golf Vibe

Par-fect alternate to the cart at Palmetto Dunes

Think back to your youth, when riding a bike was a favorite pastime after school, during the summer or both. There were no iPads, YouTube and social media to bide the time – no way. We were outside … on our Mongooses or Huffys … reenacting the chase scene from “E.T.” Fast-forward to today, and […]

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ultday3 Bluffton Vibe

Greatest. May River Summer. Ever.

There are many ways to step up your summer game and have a brilliant vacation.  Although their are endless options – you can’t let another summer go by without venturing out to the vibrant little village of Bluffton for the worlds best eco-adventure. It is considered to be the “heart of the lowcountry” and the […]

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PalmettoDunesFazioHole16CloseUp-HiRes Golf Vibe

Ohio golfers, get ready to pledge your Allegiant.

Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves. Las Vegas-based Allegiant Air is offering three new routes to Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport (SAV) from cities in the Buckeye State. The Cincinnati to Savannah flights began May 8 with the touchdown of Flight 656. Flights from Akron/Canton start May 21 and end Aug. 15, while those from Columbus begin […]

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Healthsmart store Eco & Wellness Vibe

Benefit from Boutique Wellness at Healthsmart

In today’s super-sized, supermarket world, sometimes super is not always, well, super duper. Especially when it comes to our health, many of us would like personal attention and customizable plans. So, what if there was a health food store: Where everybody knows your name, And they’re always glad you came… “Healthsmart is a boutique health […]

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