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Hilton Head Island Wellness Vibe

Health Starts Here at Whole Foods Hilton Head

Whole Foods Store

For most of us—locals and Hilton Head Island guests alike—the anticipation of the grand opening of Whole Foods was much like a child’s countdown to Christmas. On July 30th, the health/eco-conscious grocery store located at 50 Shelter Cove Lane, delivered the goods as throngs of people feasted their eyes on a veritable cornucopia of delicious and nutritious items, samples and staples.

And with initiatives like Health Starts Here (HSH), Whole Foods has proven to people with a palate for wellness to be a gift that keeps on giving. “At its core, HSH is a mindful approach to healthy eating that’s rooted in simple ways to build better meals,” began Whole Foods HHI marketing team leader and community liaison Abby Wirth. “The program is also a practical in-store guide that you can use to choose the healthiest foods. Look for HSH-labeled foods in our salad and hot bars, as well as prepared meals in the self and full-serve cases. It’s our guarantee that you’re getting ‘fast food’ you can feel great about.”

Karina Hinch

Karina Hinch

Every Thursday night you can also join Karina Hinch, Healthy Eating Educator, for a HSH tour of Whole Foods Market HHI from 5-5:30pm. “You will learn the healthier options per department, what to look for to accommodate your specific nutritional needs, and how to shop based on the fundamentals of the Four Pillars of Healthy Eating,” said Wirth.

The Four Pillars of Healthy Eating include:

  • Using whole foods that are in their purest and most unprocessed form.
  • Consuming a plant-strong™ diet.
  • Choosing foods that only contain healthy fats like nuts and avocados.
  • Opting for nutrient dense food with high ANDI (Aggregate Nutrient Density Index) scores.

According to Wirth, the mission of Whole Foods Market is driven by the following ideals:

  • Commitment to Society
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Organic Farming
  • Seafood Sustainability
  • Whole Trade
  • Animal Welfare
  • 5 Core Values

The HSH program also offers cooking classes and an app for your phone for easy choices to clearly labeled HSH products throughout the store. “The program is accessible to people of all backgrounds and knowledge spectrums,” explained Wirth. “Our website has a whole section dedicated to healthy living with many common questions, as well as a page titled ‘Simple Changes for Lifelong Health.’ This truly is a program for everyone.”

“As a long time Hilton Head Island resident, I’ve been waiting for years to hear the words, ‘We’re getting a Whole Foods,’” admitted Wirth. “That day has come and Whole Foods Market is excited to create partnerships within our community that will continue to grow.”

To learn more about scheduling a HSH tour or other upcoming Whole Foods HHI events, please call (843) 842-0700 or check out the online calendar.

Becca Edwards is a birth doula, holistic health coach, yoga and Barre instructor, writer/blogger, and owner of b.e.well and b.e.creative (

Put on Your Sneakers, It’s Time for Devin’s Dash

As a health coach, I often remind my clients that wellness encompasses more than just healthy food choices and exercise. Optimal well being also includes establishing healthy, happy relationships—from your relationship with yourself, to your relationship with others to even how you relate to your community. As a leader in the health industry, Hilton Head Health in Shipyard Plantation is taking an active role in helping you be fit mentally and physically with Devin’s Dash Sat., Sept. 20th. This memorial 5K not only gives you the opportunity to set and achieve a goal, but also builds our community and benefits a worthy cause.

Devin's Dash Date: Sept., 20th Time: 8 a.m. Place: H3

Devin’s Dash 5K
Date: Sat., Sept., 20th
Time: 8 a.m.
Place: H3

“Gregory ‘Devin’ Sheaffer was a Massage Therapist at Hilton Head Health,” began race coordinator and brand manager for H3 Adam Martin. “He was loved by all the staff and guests of the resort. He passed away on August 26th, 2010 after a courageous battle with cancer.”

Devin was a passionate runner and completed several marathon’s including NYC and Philadelphia. To honor Devin, H3 launched the first Devin’s Dash Memorial 5k in the Fall of 2010. “We raised over $10,000 that first year for the American Cancer Society,” said Martin.

This year all Devin’s Dash proceeds will go to Happiness is Camping (a 501c3 organization), a free overnight summer camp for children with cancer. “My wife and I personally volunteered at the camp for a week in 2012 and it’s a great cause,” said Martin. “It was started in 1980 and is one of the first of its kind in the nation.”

Adam Martin

Adam Martin

The well-marked Devin’s Dash course guides you through beautiful oak tree archways and passes several lakes with pristine views. “Shipyard is an unbelievable setting for a run. Many times runners will catch a glimpse of the alligators or other Lowcountry wildlife,” said Martin.

All registered Devin’s Dash runners will receive an official 2014 Devin’s Dash t-shirt, a commemorative “Pure Energy” (Devin’s personal motto) band, access to the post-race pool party with a live DJ, refreshments, and one free raffle ticket to win over $1500 in prizes and gift certificates.

For over 35 years, H3 resort and spa has been committed to helping individuals create a personalized health and wellness experience and has been recognized as one of the nation’s leading weight loss and health retreats. It was voted as “Best for Weight Loss” for the past four consecutive years by SpaFinder and “Top 5 US Health Spas” by Lisa Drayer on the Today Show.

b.e.WELL, Becca

Becca Edwards is a birth doula, holistic health coach, yoga and Barre instructor, writer/blogger, and owner of b.e.WELL + b.e.CREATIVE (

Get Your Child Plugging into Nature

Last month The Huffington Post published, “97% of children play video games” and reported, the average American youth watches television 1200 hours a year (compared to 900 hours per year in school).

Many parents feel frustrated, concerned or even competitive, with their children’s mobile devices—believing (rightfully) that there is a wondrous world beyond Facebook “Likes,” Twitter feeds and Instagram posts. If you want your kids to turn off technology and tune into nature, check out Hilton Head’s top 12 chord-free, care-free, memory-building outdoor activities:

  1. Enroll in Outside Hilton Head’s Kids & Teens Camp. For 30 years, Outside Hilton Head has prided itself in getting people immersed in the Lowcountry. Their programs engage youths in hands-on, environmental education and fun, confidence-building and outdoor activities. Ages: 7-17
  2. Zipline Hilton Head. Soar by Hilton Head’s majestic live oaks and pines as you feel the wind against your face and see the Lowcountry unfold beneath your feet during this 2-hour, eco-adventure tour. Ages: 10+ (with an adult)
  3. Sail along with the South Carolina Yacht Club’s Junior Sailing Program. Your child will learn about the waterways, boating, nautical terms and knot-tying skills. Ages: 6+
  4. Parasail Hilton Head. See Hilton Head Island like you’ve never seen it before. Embark from beautiful Shelter Cove Marina on a spacious 31-foot parasail boat. Ages: 6+ (with an adult)
  5. Have an Aerial Adventure. This tree canopy tour consists of six courses with 50 different

    A family finishes the Aerial Adventure.

    challenges, ranging from easy to very difficult. Ages: 5+ (with an adult)

  6. Take a tour on Pau Hana. Whether it’s dolphin watching, daytime cruising, taking in a fabulous sunset, learning to sail with a private lesson or enjoying fireworks, get ready for some quality family bonding. Ages: All
  7. Try beach yoga. Both Art of Yoga and Jiva Yoga Center offer beach classes and this fun-in-the-sun activity is a great way to get some exercise and commune with nature. Ages: All
  8. Get a paddleboard lesson. Check out this trendy and toning sport with outfitters like Outside Hilton Head and H2O Sports. Ages: 10+
  9. Play beach volleyball at Coligny Beach. With its great shops and eclectic mix of restaurants, Coligny Beach is a great spot for planning a full day of fun. The free beach volleyball courts are in front of the Tiki Hut, a great place to grab a drink after a few rallies. Ages: All
  10. Bike or dine outdoors and then challenge the family to bocce or croquet at Palmetto Bluff. Palmetto Bluff is a high end getaway between Hilton Head and Savannah and offers an award-winning spa and other amenities. You can bike around this scenic property or dine in one of its gourmet restaurants like Buffalos. On the village square, by the historic Waterside Chapel, are regulation-sized, manicured bocce courts and croquet lawns. Ages: All
  11. Kayak to Daufuskie from Harbour Town. You can rent kayaks from several different outfitters and then take a 1 hour paddle across Calibogue Sound. Ages: Check with the outfitter.
  12. Make a picnic and watch the Shelter Cove Fireworks. Pack some goodies or get take out from one of Shelter Cove’s delicious restaurants and then lay out a quilt and enjoy the show. Ages: All

Check out the these links to discover other outdoor and wellness opportunities.—Be well, Becca

Other Great Links:

Looking for a Wellness Destination? Here’s How Hilton Head Heals

Do you know the secret to your smart phone’s battery life?—Simply, manually exit out of the running apps you aren’t using. Now, let’s go a step further. Do you know the best way to charge your own mental battery?—What if I told you it was as easy as exiting out of the day-to-day and existing memory applications that no longer serve you by touching certain points on your body?

Then, what if I told you you could learn how to do it and even get certified right here in Hilton Head and the surrounding area?

Dr. Anthony Mattis

The technique is called The Bars and is grounded in the principles taught in Access Consciousness. According to Dr. Anthony Mattis, “The Bars is a simple yet powerful hands-on body tool that can unlock areas of limitations in our lives. It deals with electromagnetic points that carry limiting beliefs in the areas of money, happiness, joy, peace, calm, gratitude, creativity and healing—just to name a few. At the very least, it’s very relaxing, and at best, it will change your life forever.”

Dr. Mattis is a Doctor of Chiropractic and has been in practice for 14 years. He graduated with a BS degree in Health/Fitness and is a certified life coach, Elite Master BEST practitioner, Bars & Body process facilitator, and certified Passion Test facilitator. Dr. Mattis is one of many local holistic practitioners who want to make Hilton Head and Bluffton a healing destination—not only by providing wellness services, but by also hosting educational courses and certifications.

“It’s so gorgeous here,” began Dr. Mattis. “And it’s peaceful. What a perfect place to come heal!”

Other wellness initiatives with Dr. Mattis include:

  • April 26th—Body Process class from 10am to 6pm at the Just Be Center in Bluffton. This class deals with unlocking physical traumas in the body.
  • April 30th—Passion Test workshop from 9:30am to 12:30pm in Lady’s Island. The Passion Test is a tool to help people discover their passions and purpose in life.

(Note: You may also check out Dr. Mattis’ site for additional information.)

Amber holding the sun picIn addition to covering green living, this blog will continue to look at powerful, restorative and life-changing health opportunities on Hilton Head Island. Check out the below links. You will find information on certifications in exercise modalities like yoga, Pilates and Barre, bodywork workshops and nutritional cooking classes.—Be well, Becca

Other Great Links:

Biking in Hilton Head Just Got Even Better

Hilton HeadDo you want to experience Hilton Head? I mean really experience it? “Getting on bike is the best way to see the Island,” said bike advocate and member of Kicking Asphalt Frank Babel. Babel, who also co-chairs on the town’s Bicycle Advisory Committee (an ad hoc group of volunteers who work with the town), got involved with improving the area’s pathways almost a decade ago. “I started riding and noticed a lot of debris and root intrusion. I decided my mission was to make it safer and more enjoyable for people to truly tour the Island.”

Since then, Babel has been leading the pack in making pathway upgrades and credits Hilton Head’s town council members for systematically maintaining and improving our bike trails. “Bike riding here has exploded,” said Babel, who also laughed, “And just when you think biking around Hilton Head couldn’t get any better—it does.” This is due in part to several of his committee’s initiatives, which include:

  • Expanding the Chaplin Park trail.
  • Continuing to grow the bike ambassadors program. Right now Babel has 35 volunteers who must complete a two-hour training program. These ambassadors bike the pathways to help you with directions or to make activity suggestions. They are equipped with maps and first aid supplies.
  • Building up the number of bike riders attending the RBC Heritage golf tournament. “When we started three years ago, we parked about 500 bikes,” began Babel. “Last year about 2,800 bikes. And this year we are estimating about 5,000 bikes.”
  • Increasing connectivity and circulation. “Enhancements made on Leg O’Mutton Road, Pembroke and Jarvis will open the north end of the Island,” said Babel. “This will connect more parks like Jarvis, Green Shell, and Honey Horn.
  • Boosting safety. When Babel first started out on his trek to improving our pathways he said, “There were only half a dozen that had signal light crossings, now we have 45.”
  • Creating a biking culture. Hilton Head received the Bicycling Friendly Community award in 2011, has over 110 miles of bike trails and offers approximately 20,000 rental options.

Hilton HeadVisitors and residents alike can look forward to increased access in the future with plans to connect Hilton Head to other parts of the Lowcountry like Bluffton and Beaufort, which for Babel means more freedom and fun for all. “When I set out to ride I never know where I am going to wind up. I go left this time or right this time.”


Hilton Head/Bluffton: A Sporty Spot

My mother was a size 10 and my father weighed over 200 pounds when we moved to Hilton Head in 1990. Now in their 60s, my parents are thinner, fitter and happier than ever. My mother is a gardener. My father a boater and fisherman. And both walk on the beach every morning, year-round.

“Living in Hilton Head just motivates us to get outside and in shape,” said my parents.

My daughter Ransom (age 6) and I enjoying some sunshine.

My daughter Ransom (age 6) and I enjoying some sunshine.

Now raising our three daughters here, my husband and I couldn’t agree more. We feel lucky and thankful that the healthy mentality that comes with being either a visitor or resident of the area transcends all ages and stages of physical fitness. Plus, there are just so many opportunities to get in shape.

For example, there’s Sammy Long. He makes getting fit fun. Long champions an annual ultimate frisbee tournament that benefits local charities and holds weekly practices for his team La Cucarachas. Both the tournaments and the practices are open to the public and once you met Long and/or attempt ultimate frisbee you “flow” (ultimate frisbee lingo for a series of moves that result in an easy score).

Of course, Hilton Head has its staple sports, too.

Check out:

And our water sports are drenched in fitness and good ole recreational enjoyment. You can:

Hilton Head also suits up for some not so expected sports. Interested in rowing?—check out Palmetto Rowing Club. Want to zip through the Lowcountry?—check out Zip Line Hilton Head. And get this, coming soon you can jet pack through Hilton Head.

Last but certainly not least, the Chamber’s Leadership Class is jazzing up Jarvis Creek Park (Hilton Head) and Oscar Frazier Park (Bluffton) with ten pieces of exercise equipment with instructions for all workout levels.

Print“These fitness trails will be free and accessible to everyone—visitors and residents alike,” began one of the projects organizers Glenn L. Love. “We are also excited to announce that Beach Property Rentals of Hilton Head has come forward to sponsor the additional construction of a covered pavilion for the trail at Jarvis Creek Park. Jarvis Creek is frequently used for boot camps and personal training, so the pavilion will provide a covered space for fitness activities to continue on hot or rainy days.”

Love, like my family, appreciates all Hilton Head/Bluffton has to offer athletically. “It is vitally important to maintain an active lifestyle, and we are so fortunate to have plenty of outdoor space and the tremendous scenery of the Lowcountry to enjoy while doing so.”

Having a Fit-cation in Hilton Head

Hilton Head’s history is nutrient-packed with health-consciousness—from its original Native Americans inhabitants who lived off the land to Charles Fraser’s holistically minded development, Sea Pines Plantation. This tradition continues today not only with us locals, but with our guests, too—and now with more wellness options than ever before. Whether you want to be a tourist in your own town or you are visiting the Island, here’s a how-to to getting fit on you next vacation (or stay-cation) on Hilton Head.

Nancy Ellis

Nancy Ellis

Do Yoga, Pilates, and/or Barre. As a Yoga/Barre instructor, whenever I go anywhere the first thing I do is check out the yoga scene. Hilton Head and Bluffton both offer an array of options like Art of Yoga, Core Pilates, Yoga and Barre, Dancing Dog Yoga, and Jiva Yoga Center. Each space provides something a little bit different—from weekend workshops to dynamic classes to money-saving packages. Nancy Ellis, who graces my Barre classes whenever she’s in town, works in Florida part time for a gastroenterologist and part time as a vegan raw food chef. She has a timeshare here and has been coming to Hilton Head with her family for seven years. She comes for a week at a time and refers to her trips here as a “Fit-cation.” Ellis does as much yoga (and biking, kayaking, etc) as humanly possible and creates her own customized yoga retreat.

DelisheeeYo Harvest Salad

DelisheeeYo’s harvest salad

Nourish Your Body Nutrition. Calling all foodies who also like to be fit—we’ve got a treat for you. Let’s start with personal chefs like Peggy Beck of the Joyful Palate, Sarah Mastriani-Levi of Mannafest Living, or Aram Haroutunian of Celebrations Catering & Events—you can work with these talented tasty chefs to create a menu based around your own food preferences and weight loss goals. Ellis also swears by DelisheeeYo in the Village Exchange on Palmetto Bay Road. “DelisheeeYo has great smoothies for that morning pick me up. We especially like their lemongrass ginger green tea and for lunch and dinner the Buddha Bowl and wraps are amazing. We never can decide what to order because everything on the menu is amazing,” said Ellis. There are also several nutritionists, health coaches and comprehensive boutique wellness providers like Dr. Sheila Stephens of Stephens Compounding Pharmacy who can custom design your wellness plan from supplementation to diet choices.

Get Some Spa Time and/or Bodywork. Mistakenly, bodywork is often thought of as an indulgence, but in truth it is a necessity. According to the Mayo Clinic, regular spa visits can rub, scrub, cleanse and ease away “anxiety, digestive disorders, fibromyalgia, headaches, insomnia (related to stress), and muscle and nerve pain.” Other studies (reported by the Huffington Post) found that by booking an appointment you are booking a well-deserved, wellness ticket to increased productivity at work, improved mental health, an improved immune system (and therefore less sick days), less PMS symptoms, and improved self-esteem (due to beautifying and anti-aging treatments, as well as the nurturing effects of self care). Hilton Head’s spa and bodywork professionals include experts in skincare, Rolfing, cranial-sacral therapy, massage therapy, lymphatic massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, and Bars therapy—just to name a few.

Nancy Ellis and a relative

Nancy Ellis and a relative

Get Some Vitamin D and Oxygen. How lucky are we to have so many miles of bike trails and pristine beaches?—Plus our parks, natural preserves, watersports companies, and temperate weather! Getting outdoors and in shape here is easy. According to Ellis, “We normally average 15-25 miles a day on bikes. We take coconut water, apples and nuts with us because when we leave in the morning on our bikes we never know when we will be returning!”

Nancy Ellis’ Top 3 Healthy Travel Tips:

  • Download apps like Map My Ride to clock your exercise progress
  • Look for healthy options in maybe unlikely places like Stack’s gluten free pancakes and Mellow Mushroom’s veggie pizza.
  • Bring or buy lots of healthy books and magazines and place them on the coffee table with extra paper and pens so people can flip through them and get ideas about dinner or other meals.

For more information on area businesses specializing in wellness, click here. For more on wellness-oriented special events, check out holistic healthcare practitioner and massage therapist, Carla Golden’s calendar.

Be well, Becca

Get Going with Hilton Head’s Go Tri Sports

Everyone seems to be looking forward to fall. Every time I bump into someone they emphatically say, “I’m sooo ready for fall!” But why? Summer did us right, right?—I mean, you can’t go wrong with comfy beachwear, boat rides to Daufuskie and agenda-less afternoons. But, ask yourself:

  • A) Are you ready to enjoy cooler weather?
  • B) Have you run out of things for the kids to do and ready for some “you” time?
  • C) Do you secretly miss having a schedule?
  • D) All the above

Al Olivetti at Go Tri Sports

For me, it’s “D” and my trick to enjoying the weather, taking time for myself and getting back into a routine is to train for a race. I’ve signed up for the LoCoMotion, a 10-miles-a-day, 3-day race to raise awareness and money for breast cancer. My team is Fan-Ta-Ta-Tastic and my go-to guy for all my training needs is Al Olivetti of Go Tri Sports on New Orleans Rd.

“Go Tri Sports is dedicated to providing triathletes, runners, and cyclists the equipment, knowledge and service to support them in obtaining their athletic goals. We sell the best in equipment and accessories like running shoes (Olivetti will personally fit you to the pair that best meets your needs), bikes, electronics, apparel, hydration carriers, and nutrition,” said Olivetti.

Brands Olivetti Carries and Recommends:

  • Brooks
  • Asics
  • Saucony
  • Cervelo
  • Felt
  • Cannondale
  • Swiftwick
  • Garmin
  • Zipp

Olivetti and his staff bring years of expertise and professional service to your training program. “We strive to make each person we contact a better athlete,” said Olivetti, who starting racing triathlons and marathons in ‘96 and has been going non-stop (from the Ironman distance triathlons and marathons, to the sprint distance triathlons) since then.

“I love racing because I love to compete. I love the challenge, the fear, and the entire process of preparing for a race. Also, I love to train. It is my lifestyle and who I am. I love the energy it provides my body and the clarity it offers my mind,” admitted Olivetti.

And you don’t have to be a runner or high-performance athlete to train/compete. (I’m walking my upcoming race.) It’s all about goal setting. “Goal setting should be a priority for everyone, whether in the athletic context or some other part of life,” said Olivetti. “Goals keep you accountable, they give your efforts a purpose, they allow you to measure your progress, and they allow for accomplishment.”

Olivetti fitting a customer

Olivetti’s Top Training Tips:

  • Enjoy the process.
  • Challenge yourself and you’ll be surprised on what you can accomplish.
  • Use all the resources at your disposal, like friends, coaches, literature, and Go Tri staff members.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with your own methodology or tweak an existing protocol to fit your life.
  • Use proper equipment and keep your gear current. (Ex: Running shoes do not last two years despite what they look like.)
  • Work out a schedule toward your end goal with short and long-range goals mixed in.
  • Check out and for races in your area.

Be well, Becca


Let’s Play: Finding adventure and wellbeing in HHI

Sunset with Shadwick

Amber Shadwick is all about making a profession out of playing. Owner of Fitside, Shadwick offers wellness coaching, personal training, private and group yoga (on and off the beach), corporate wellness and destination fitness (often through Outside Hilton Head). You ask anyone that has had the pleasure of meeting her and they’ll say she’s the real deal because she lives and breathes what she preaches (aka “fun mindfulness”).

“I love being outside—an adventure is always waiting out there,” said Shadwick, who truly appreciates connecting with nature and her wellbeing. “My favorite activity is paddleboarding out to the sand bank off of the Westin, doing some yoga and being mindful of myself and the environment that surrounds me.

Shadwick’s Top 3 Wellness Tips:

  1. Think nature, especially roots. Like a tree, spread your roots and drink more water by exploring being in the water. Then disperse your roots—spread, seek, root, re-root and grow!
  2. Get fresh air and feel rejuvenated. Find every opportunity to enjoy all that Hilton Head or any other destination has to offer and soak in a natural source of Vitamin D—with proper protection, of course! :)
  3. Find freedom in your surroundings with new adventures. Remember we are all always evolving. Seek new exploits and invite healthy, fun and FUNctional activity into our being.

Shadwick acknowledges that sometimes new things can be intimidating, or even scary but says, “fear is actually false experiences appearing real.” She recently overcame her fear of heights while trying Zip Hilton Head and admits, “I’m a really grounded person and thought I would be scared, but I went for it. The people at Zip Hilton Head do a great job of making you feel comfortable and safe.”

Shadwick encourages everyone to be playful and take advantage of all the adventures available in the area. Here’s her top picks from sunrise to sunset to being playful and, yes adventurous, in the Lowcountry.

Shadwick doing SUP yoga

Shadwicks Top Adventures:

  • Kick butt at beach boot camp. You can start out your morning getting fit with Shadwick’s morning time total body workout.
  • Zip-it. Mid-morning is a great time to try Zip Hilton Head and get a unique perspective of the area.
  • Explore via a SUP paddleboard. Paddle out somewhere, explore, sightsee or try a yoga practice and then enjoy a healthy lunch picnic.
  • Hike Pinckney Island. Wait until the afternoon sun is setting and take a scenic, nature-filled hike. You might even bring a light snack and or refreshments and spread a quilt outlooking an inspiring Lowcountry vista.
  • Paddle a full moon kayak adventure. Check Outside Hilton Head‘s site for dates and details.

Be well—Becca


Help fight breast cancer—and your growing waistline

Training for this fall’s three-day, 30-mile LoCo Motion walk/run fundraiser can put you on track to lose weight and improve your health.

Now in its third year, LoCo Motion takes place Sept. 27-29 along the beaches and neighborhoods of Hilton Head Island and Callawassie Island. Proceeds from the event benefit regional cancer organizations, including Beaufort Memorial Hospital’s Keyserling Cancer Center.

To help you prepare for three days of 10-mile a day treks, Palmetto Running Company is hosting summer training sessions at 7 a.m. Saturdays in some of the Lowcountry’s most beautiful neighborhoods. The schedule includes group workouts July 20 at Palmetto Bluff, July 27 at Berkeley Hall and Aug. 3 at Rose Hill Plantation. In addition, a special sunrise beach run is planned for 6:15 a.m. Aug 10 on Coligny Beach.

“It’s so hot in the summer, we wanted to find some shaded areas to walk and run,” said Rob Fyfe, owner of the running shop. “And it will give participants a chance to see some different areas.”

Click here for more information on upcoming sessions. You don’t have to be registered for LoCo Motion to take part in any of the training events. Just show up wearing loose-fitting or athletic clothing, comfortable shoes and a watch to track your progress. A water bottle or hydration system also is recommended.

The LoCo Motion website——also features six- and eight-week training programs designed to build your endurance over time.

“Running 10 miles a day for three straight days is more than a marathon,” Fyfe said. “You need to train your body for that kind of a workout. If you don’t, the morning after the first leg you won’t be able to get out of bed because your muscles will be so sore.”

Participants have the choice of running or walking one, two or three of the event days. Those who complete all three legs will be awarded a Triple Nipple commemorative medal.

“It’s not about how fast you go,” said Laura Morgan, owner of LoCo Boot Camp and organizer of the LoCo Motion fundraiser. “It’s about making the commitment and getting out there.”

Once again this year, Beaufort Memorial Hospital is serving as lead sponsor of LoCo Motion and offering training sessions north of the Broad.

“When you think about what breast cancer patients go through—the surgery, the months of chemotherapy and radiation—walking 30 miles doesn’t seem so bad,” said Connie Duke, director of BMH Oncology Services. “It’s a challenge, but it’s a fun way to make a difference.”

For more information or to sign up for LoCo Motion, visit the event website or call (843) 815.5225. Registration forms also are available at all CoastalStates Bank branches.