Who's wedding is it anyway?

This week I must reflect on the dynamics of being a zilla. You don’t have to be in the wedding business to have heard the term bridezilla.  I, however, would like to take zilla from the bride and pass it on to other members of the wedding party. In other words, one could be a groom-zilla, a bridesmaid-zilla, or what I recently encountered, a mother-in-law-zilla.

I have concluded that anyone who takes center-stage the wedding day, and declares the attention as their own (in not a nice way) is a zilla.

At a recent wedding, my heart broke for the unkind words that were expressed to the bride regarding her choices of color, where she was seated, and even the shape of her wedding cake by her mother-in-law-zilla.

It doesn’t matter what shape the cake is, or the shade of the table linens. What matters is the union of marriage for the couple. Their new journey as husband and wife.

My suggestion to those that are dealing with a zilla is to let the comments roll off your back. Keep focused on the day for what it is about. Asking a friend or family member to intercede when the zilla is approaching wouldn’t be a bad idea either.  Or, ask your wedding planner to address the concerns in a kind way.

Stress is inevitable when you have two different families being joined together; many of which are broken in some way. Parents who have divorced and remarried are now asked to all gather in harmony and put on a happy face. Dynamics like these create stress.

I recommend taking a break from it all with a spa day. Not just a day for the bride, or the ladies, but for the men too. Setting time aside to unwind at a Hilton Head Island spa prior to the wedding will help take the edge off any stressful situation. I know my husband enjoyed his “man-icure” and a facial before our wedding at FACES DaySpa,.

In addition to the amazing selections of spas on Hilton Head Island, one of the easiest ways to unwind is to take a long walk on the beach. Inhaling fresh salt-water air is key to obtaining Hilton Head Island tranquility. After all, isn’t the beauty of the Island one of the reasons to marry on the Island?!

So take the zilla to the beach or to the spa, and enjoy your day! Relax and unwind and savor the moments. From planning to wedding day, the moments should be memorable and enjoyable.

Best wishes!