Use Local Elements to Create Inexpensive Wedding Appeal

At a rehearsal dinner the other evening, we catered a farm-to-table style dinner where the guests dined oceanfront. The wedding rehearsal took place at a beautiful, home on Hilton Head’s North Forest Beach.   

Renting a home on Hilton Head Island is a great option for your out-of-town family to rent and host a rehearsal dinner. There are many local rental companies that can assist with accommodations.

When we were planning our table centerpieces, it was our intention to use sand in the bottom of mason jars with a candle for the cocktail tables. However, it was a very rainy day (luckily the storm passed before the dinner) and the sand was too wet to use.  When I came back to the house from the beach, I noticed there were gravel pebbles that were used in the driveway of the home…score! We substituted the gravel for the sand for a beautiful centerpiece.

There were also pretty oyster shells in the beds of the home’s landscape….score again!   

*Please know that all these items were returned to the home landscape at the end of the night.

The moral of this story is that Hilton Head Island has so many natural, beautiful elements that can be used in your decor.

Spanish moss and lush greens are everywhere! Shells, sand, moss, palm leaves, and bark are all natural elements create beauty and are inexpensive. They also pay tribute to Hilton Head Island!