Take That Thirty-One

Getting Down and Dirty on my Birthday

Like gettin’ dirty? No? Then this probably isn’t the race for you!  Photography by Anne

My first year of being 30+ is quickly approaching.  Most would probably treat themselves to a spa day, a decadent meal or a weekend getaway.  And not going to lie to you, that would typically be my approach, too.  But, when I saw that the first-ever Face Your Fears race was coming to Bluffton on my actual 31st birthday – February 23 – those plans quickly changed.  I will be celebrating in the mud, getting, literally, down and dirty.

I have some experience with running, but to be fair, I am not by any standards an elite runner.  I don’t have a room full of medals and trophies, I’m not sponsored by Nike or Under Armor, and I don’t compete to cross the finish line first.  But while I’ve run my fair share of races and distances, that doesn’t mean I’m not totally intimidated by the upcoming extreme endurance mud run challenge.

The course will feature a number of obstacles along the way including mystery challenges-Photography by Anne

Running…I can handle that part.  It’s the obstacles that leave me shakin’ in my sneaks.  What hurdles will I encounter?  What barriers will I have to cross?  Seeing as the organizers say that the element of surprise is the most important differentiator between the Face Your Fears run and other mud runs held throughout the country, I’m not sure I’ll be able to answer that question until the gun goes off and I’m on the course.  However, I do know that entrants will be running through creeks, pluff mud and sand and will be greeted along the way by ice, nets, wire, tires, water and, yes, even fire.  And, to top it all off, participants will face the event’s signature – mystery obstacles.  I’m starting to think I’m signed up for something closely resembling The Hunger Games.

Needless to say, your body will be put to the test the morning of February 23.  Endurance, upper and lower body strength and core work are all in the mix.  This race is physical and mental, hence why I’ve chosen to use the “it’s my birthday” tactic to convince my loved ones to sign up with me and risk forever ruining their running attire.

While my team will be opting for the lesser of the two courses (the Courage Course) that spans 3 miles and includes 16 obstacles (I mean, it is my birthday…don’t I deserve a break?!?), there is the more extreme Valor Course – a 10 mile run with 25 obstacles.  And, if you’re looking for fun for the whole family, register for the Seal Pups Course – a ¼ mile course especially for kids and families.

So, whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary or, simply, just life you’re looking to celebrate, join me on February 23 to Face Your Fears.

For full details and to register online, go to faceyourfearsbluffton.com.