Hilton Head Island's Sensational Summer Camps

From majestic birds and mammals to playful dolphins and scampering crustaceans, Hilton Head Island and the surrounding Lowcountry abound with a diverse assortment of awe-inspiring creatures, large and small. Some are more easily visible or readily encountered amidst the area’s park-like setting, while others maintain a low profile within their lush landscape.

Thanks to the Coastal Discovery Museum at Historic Honey Horn, and its staff of knowledgeable naturalists and expert guides, nature lovers of all ages can meet and learn about a broad range of fascinating animals, as well as plants, that make Hilton Head Island and the Lowcountry their home.

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Enjoy Hilton Head Island's Natural Splendor by Kayak

With its vast and intricate network of picturesque waterways, there is no better and more relaxing way to experience the natural splendor of Hilton Head Island, or the surrounding Lowcountry, than by kayak. This is particularly true for those who take advantage of expert-led excursions.

Thanks to Hilton Head Island’s subtropical and consistently mild climate, kayaking is always in season and some organizations offer tours 365 days of the year.

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Jogging on the beach…

One of the joys of living near, or visiting, the ocean is being able to easily, and daily, enjoy its assets…the beach, the water, the seafood, and the tranquility of the gently rolling surf.  One of the ways that I like to get out and enjoy our great seashore is by jogging in the evenings after […]

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Story by Chamber Staff… One of the favorite activities for families visiting our area is riding bicycles on Hilton Head Island’s extensive network of paved pathways. You’ll find more than 80 miles of pathways on Hilton Head Island, about 50 miles of which parallel the major thoroughfares on the island and are open to the […]

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