Idle Speed – No Wake

Paddleboarding on Broad Creek

This sign was probably added after paddleboarding was introduced to the Lowcountry

Clearly, that message is posted for the newest vessels in the Lowcountry waters – paddleboards.  All kidding aside, while speed is not at a maximum while SUPing (Stand Up Paddleboarding), you will find a sense of calm, peace and serenity during your SUP journey.

Known as the sport of Hawaiian kings, I, as most probably were, was first introduced to paddleboarding by tabloid magazines publishing photos of A-list celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Matt Damon and Cameron Diaz (just to name a few) on their vacations partaking in this new sport.  Now, thanks to Outside Hilton Head, paddleboarding is a staple in the Island waters.

I’m getting the hang of SUPing

As I launched off on my maiden voyage just recently, I thought being fully submerged in Broad Creek was inevitable.  I went prepared in my bathing suit and quick-dry shorts and didn’t pack anything in my pockets that I would cry over losing in the water.  However, I never lost control and went under.  To my surprise, the “starter board” they put me on as a rookie was much sturdier than anticipated and I easily went from paddling on my knees to being upright on my feet.  I even spent some time lounging on my board, relaxing and taking in the beautiful sights – dolphins, pelicans and more.  And, upon my return, I rewarded myself for a successful (a.k.a. dry) trip with a nice, cold and salty Margarita at San Miguel’s in Shelter Cove Harbour.

However, there are more options for paddleboarding than the low-key outing I started with.  Here is a quick rundown on the SUP offerings from Outside Hilton Head:

  • Looking for Zen on the water?  You would enjoy SUP Yoga ($45 per person) as a certified yogi takes you through a 90-minute group session offering core fitness and fun.  Trust me, if I had the ability to touch my own toes, I would give this one a test run.
  • Want a new way to get in your workout?  You should sign up for Paddle Fit ($45 per person).  A stand up paddleboard core fitness program, this is a fun and new approach to staying in shape.  Experience is recommended.
  • Interested in learning about the Lowcountry’s wildlife?  You’ll want Stand Up Nature Walk ($45 per person), a Naturalist-guided tour of the coastal salt march.  As you “walk on water”, this gives you a unique, up close and personal view of our area’s wildlife.

In addition, Outside Hilton Head also offers introductory clinics ($45 per person), private instruction ($40 – $50 per hour) and rentals ($20 per hour).