Hilton Head Island by Treetop

Soar through the Island’s newest attraction

A trust exercise with my guide, Aaron, shows you can trust the equipment

As I stood on the first platform preparing to take off on my initial (I will be back for more!) Hilton Head Island zip line adventure, I had visions of the opening scene from the Sylvester Stallone blockbuster, Cliffhanger, run through my head.  However, as soon as I launched, any worry disappeared and the adrenaline that had been pumping through my veins as my feet left the safety of the platform quickly dissipated.  While high up in the Lowcountry tree canopy, a fear of heights could overcome you.  But, with your first zip any apprehension is gone.

ZipLine Hilton Head, a part of Broad Creek Marina Adventures, has brought the first aerial tour by zip line to the area.  The only one available within a 250 mile radius, this is an experience unlike any other.  With eight lines, three suspended sky bridges and one spiral staircase in the trees, you’ll have two hours of flying fun.

You'll depart from the 'crow's nest' on the guides' favorite line

Offering the highest structure you can stand on at 75 feet high (falls short only to the area water towers), you’ll get unparalleled views of Broad Creek.  You may even get so lucky as to see a dolphin or two frolicking in the water from high up on your treetop perch.  And, the guides don’t miss a beat!  They’ll make sure you take in all of the area wildlife (from egrets to white-tailed deer) that may make an appearance during your zipping.

Of the 8 lines, the easy favorite is the longest line on the course.  This 900 foot conclusion to your trip not only offers you the longest ride of the day, it allows you to race against someone else in your group.  Want a helpful hint to winning?!?  Weight wins this race.  Go against someone that weighs less than you and you’ll have a guaranteed victory!

Ask the guides what their favorite ride is and you’ll get a different answer.  They prefer the second to last line on the tour.  800 feet in length, it will take you from the ‘crow’s nest’ (one of the highest platforms on the course) through the canopy and down into the Lowcountry jungle.  Riders have been clocked at speeds up to 35 mph while on these longer lines.

And, Broad Creek Marina offers the best conclusion to the day – a bite to eat at the waterside Up the Creek Pub & Grill where, in my opinion, you can chow down on one of the best burgers Hilton Head Island has to offer!

ZipLine Hilton Head can accommodate groups of up to 8.  Riders must be between 80 and 250 pounds and must wear closed toe shoes.  While they’re not required, pants (or longer shorts) are recommended as the harness and equipment may rub.  You should arrive 20 to 30 minutes prior to your tour time as you will need to fill out some required paperwork.  Make sure you bring your camera – you do not want to miss the opportunity to catch a photo of yourself in that glamorous helmet.  Cameras are allowed but must have a strap.

ZipLine Hilton Head is open year round and is $89 per rider.

For more information or to make reservations, visit www.ZipLineHiltonHead.com or call (843) 682-6000.