Canon Ball!!!

Hilton Head Island’s newest attraction offers a whole new meaning to that phrase

All geared up and ready to go

You’re probably envisioning me leaping into a clear, cool pool, knees tucked as I scream CANON BALL.  However, that vision would be wrong.  At ZipLine Hilton Head, a part of Broad Creek Marina Adventures, they encourage zippers to scream that famous summertime fun phrase as they swoop down the third zip line.  Why, you might ask?  With the dip in the line, to get from one side to the other, you have to tuck your knees and take the shape of a canon ball to help keep your speed up.  The screaming only adds to the fun!

I like to think I’m no novice when it comes to zip lining.  Not to brag, but I’ve been around the block once or twice (I think) between zip lining in Costa Rica, at the US National Whitewater Center in Charlotte and here are our home base at ZipLine Hilton Head.  But, even with those under my belt, this experience was like no other.

A rainbow from the best view on the Island

The latest attraction at Broad Creek Marina Adventures is the Sunset Tour at ZipLine Hilton Head.  Enjoy the two-hour tour with 8 zip lines, 2 sky bridges and the grand finale, a 900 foot racing zip line, through the Lowcountry terrain as the sun begins to go down and sets over beautiful Broad Creek.  The best view on the tour is one of the best on the Island.  Standing 75 feet high, it’s the highest vantage point on Hilton Head Island, standing even taller than the Harbour Town lighthouse.  We were even lucky enough, with the rain we had gotten earlier that day, to catch a glimpse of a rainbow over the water.  But make sure to check it out soon – sunset tours, departing between 6pm and 7pm, are only offered for a limited time – through August 23rd.

Racing on the final zip

And, if you don’t want to take the full two-hour tour, strap on your harness and helmet and go for a ride on the racing zip for only $20 per person.  With the waterside Up the Creek Pub & Grill right there on property, the loser can buy the winner a drink at the bar.  And, it’s a great place to grab dinner after the Sunset Tour.  They’ve got a fantastic menu (their burgers and BBQ are among my favorites on the Island) and are now growing their own veggies in a garden on-site.

ZipLine Hilton Head can accommodate groups of up to 8.  Riders must be between 80 and 250 pounds and must wear closed toe shoes.  While they’re not required, pants (or longer shorts) are recommended as the harness and equipment may rub.  You should arrive 20 to 30 minutes prior to your tour time as you will need to fill out some required paperwork.  Make sure you bring your camera – you do not want to miss the opportunity to catch a photo of yourself in that glamorous helmet.  Cameras are allowed but must have a strap.

ZipLine Hilton Head is open year round and is $89 per rider.

For more information or to make reservations, visit or call (843) 682-6000.