You Can Be Inside the Ropes at 2013 RBC Heritage!

Imagine standing next to the shortstop during a big league baseball game, or sitting on the bench at a basketball game. NASCAR and football do occasionally offer the well-connected a sideline or pit pass, but it doesn’t put you actually “on” the field. But an Honorary Observer badge can get you right onto the field of play at a PGA TOUR event, and the Hilton Head Chamber is offering you a chance to register for a special RBC Heritage package that can give you two pair of Honorary Observer badges PLUS tournament badges for all four days of next spring’s RBC Heritage at Harbour Town Golf Links. You gotta do this!

Golf might be the toughest sport for a fan in the sense that the entire game isn’t right in front of you. Golf is played on 18 different “stages”, and while you’ve got access to just about any seat in the house outside the ropes on any of those individual stages, Honorary Observers get to meet the pros before they tee off (and often get a signed ball, an autograph or a photo at the end of the round from each player) and get a terrific view of every shot from inside the ropes, with nobody but the occasional cameraman or radio reporter between you and the players.

Best of all, you really get to interact with and get to know the players during the ups and downs of their day at the office, their caddies, and usually their families (you’ll know them for their loyalty in following the player even if he’s playing poorly). That opportunity to really get to connect with the players’ support groups is one of the most interesting aspects of following the players on TOUR, especially the younger players or others you don’t know very well except to see their name on a leaderboard. And with as volatile as the TOUR is these days, you might be following the Heritage leader, or a contender and not even know it, until some of those “outside” the ropes folks catch up to you and ask you why he’s playing so well!

So log on to and enter. You could be a winner, and might just identify next year’s RBC Heritage winner before anybody else!