The “Secret Season” is Here for Hilton Head Golf

My brother-in-law is still in “Michigan mode”. He just moved to our area before the Holidays last winter. If it’s not raining (and sometimes even if it is), and there’s no ice on the golf course ponds (which there never is), he’s ready to play. No matter how hot this blistering summer was, and I’ve been here long enough now to know it’s been uncharacteristically hot, he was still out there swinging away, a dedication and love for the game that I applaud.

Hopefully, he won’t be golfed-out before we begin the “secret season” of spectacular golf on the Island. Spring is celebrated for the blooming of all the lush vegetation and all the attention the RBC Heritage will bring to Sea Pines. The summers are hot, but if you play early in the day or late, you can still fit golf in with the beach time that brings so many visitors to our island.

But fall golf on the Island is the secret treat of our year. Many of the beachgoers have headed back inland to work or school. The mornings can actually be crisp, requiring a wind-shirt or a sweater. But even those chilliest mornings invariably warm up to gorgeous shirt-sleeve temperatures. The golf courses are still in full-bloom, still months before the Bermuda roughs go dormant or the courses take on their rye overseeding for the winter season. It just might be the BEST time of the year to play on an Island that invites golfers to enjoy all four seasons in this links paradise.

In the fall, a 1pm tee time is as good as one at 8am. In the fall, you’ll still sweep a little dew early in the day, and you’ll also still get the sea breezes closer to sunset (don’t get me started on the gorgeous Lowcountry sunsets). With Daylight Savings running deep into the fall, there are still a lot of hours in EVERY day you can play here. My brother-in-law is going to love that!

Bob Hope settled in Palm Springs because of its proximity to Hollywood, and because Charles Fraser hadn’t conquered Hilton Head Island yet. He had a saying “I only shoot in the 70’s. If it’s any hotter than that, I don’t play at all.” It doesn’t get hotter than that once we reach the autumnal equinox. And if it does—take that day off and get out and hit the course the next day. Are you listening, Mr. Brother-in-Law?