Who has the best 19th hole on Hilton Head Island?

The best part of Hilton Head Island is all of the choices: Where to stay, where to golf, where to eat, what to do. I’ve made several golf trips out of state recently and Hilton Head Island still wins in the options category. Just do the numbers. There are 6,000 rooms in which to lay […]

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Golf "issue" solution #1

Doug Weaver was the first person on the Island I turned to to quietly explain my golf affliction because I knew he’d understand, he would take it seriously and there’d be a better than even chance he could fix … … whisper it … the sh@&ks. So we got together on a Tuesday afternoon in […]

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The “Secret Season” is Here for Hilton Head Golf

My brother-in-law is still in “Michigan mode”. He just moved to our area before the Holidays last winter. If it’s not raining (and sometimes even if it is), and there’s no ice on the golf course ponds (which there never is), he’s ready to play. No matter how hot this blistering summer was, and I’ve […]

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Hilton Head Island Celebrity Golf Tournament

Hilton Head Island is rolling out the red carpet this Labor Day weekend for its 31st Annual Hilton Head Island Celebrity Golf Tournament where golfers of all skill levels can play with a diverse roster of friendly celebrities on three of the finest courses in the Lowcountry.

The 3-day tourney matches celebrities with amateur golfers in order to raise money for 20 well-deserving children’s charities in the South Carolina Lowcountry and this year’s participants will hit the links on the following courses: Robert Trent Jones Oceanfront Course, Dye Course at Colleton River Plantation and Harbour Town Golf Links.

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Four men and a golf mission

There are many reasons we work for a living, but the primary one for people like me is simple: Golf.

Add a trio of friends and you can’t miss for a perfect vacation. Travel to Hilton Head Island and the odds grow in your favor.

For that perfect buddy golf trip, Hilton Head Island has everything you need, a few things you don’t necessarily need but are really cool, and a few unexpected delights.

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Give the gift of golf to your children

Naturally, those of us who have been at it for a while realize golf is a lifelong game. We know that because we’ve been playing for a lifetime. Sometimes just a single hole can feel like a lifetime, but that’s a different story.

But when did we start playing? Who encouraged us? If we were lucky, it was our parents.

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Beware the Sh***ks!

Golf on Hilton Head Island is a thing of beauty, with a couple dozen gorgeous courses to choose from, lined with stately pines and graceful live oaks, dripping delicate Spanish moss. But what if, in the midst of this beautiful island paradise, your golf game turns randomly ugly? I have played the game for 20-some […]

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Find Your "Number" to Enjoy Hilton Head Golf

Technology has come to the PGA TOUR to the point that every shot can now be measured, using lasers operated by volunteers on every hole of every round. I’ve found it curious when fans at TOUR events invariably ask the volunteers “how far did he hit that one!” Fans are obsessed with how far the […]

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Italian-American Club of Hilton Head Island's Annual Golf Open

While I truly love everything about golf – from the ping resulting from a clubface properly connecting with a ball and scenic course landscapes to high tech equipment and apparel, I am particularly fond of the camaraderie, philanthropy and networking opportunity afforded by organized, sociable (i.e. laid back) golf tourneys for a great cause.

Hilton Head Island and the surrounding Lowcountry, home to a generous assortment of stunning public and private courses, abound with golf tournaments that are hosted by a variety of organizations and typically open to everyone, regardless of club affiliation or skill level.

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