New GPS System Unveiled at Already GPS (Great Place to Stay)-friendly Palmetto Dunes

Palmetto Dunes’ new Visage GPS system doesn’t quite qualify as the latest golf video game, it’s actually better than that, promising a more satisfying reality golf experience than you’ve had before, anywhere.

The interactive GPS is now standard equipment on all carts at PD’s gorgeous Robert Trent Jones Course, showing you a lot more than a picture of the hole you’re playing. The full-color, state-of-the-art information system is something you’ve likely never seen in this kind of detail before. It offers flyover videos of the hole you’re about to play and measures the distance of the shots you’ve already hit, important when playing near sea level, where the ball doesn’t quite carry and run like it does at altitude.

But the best feature might be the touch-screen that allows you to determine the distances of targets anywhere on the hole—how far to carry that bunker short of the green, or the pond between you and your intended landing area (particularly helpful at the Jones course, where 11 of the holes have water in play along the stunningly beautiful 11-mile lagoon system), and distances to the front and back of greens from your position anywhere on the hole.

The new system also allows two-way communication with the clubhouse as well. If you’ve got a problem with your cart, or want to order something to be ready for you at Big Jim’s BBQ, Burgers and Pizza when you’re finished, you can message the clubhouse. From the other side, the clubhouse can keep track of where all the carts are on the course to send out weather warnings, inform you if you’re out of position and also dispatch marshals to the trouble areas to improve pace-of-play- a feature that’s already paying big dividends as pace-of-play has improved significantly in just the first couple of months of its introduction.

Not only can you keep your score on the GPS monitor, and see those of others playing in your larger group if you’d like, but you can e-mail the score to yourself, and others, for further reflection, and to keep a history of an amazing golf experience at Palmetto Dunes.

The three courses at PD are one of the reasons Hilton Head Island’s been named by Golf  Digest as one of the “Buddy Trip Destinations” in America in their most recent poll, something you don’t need a GPS to find! For more information, visit

New Interactive Visage GPS at Palmetto Dunes' Jones Course

New Interactive Visage GPS at Palmetto Dunes’ Jones Course