Listener’s Cup Could Be for Trash-Talk Title!

Robert Trent Jones_Hole10 Palmetto Dunes (2)

What are bragging rights worth? I’m guessing you’d give up more than a couple of bucks to your buddies on the course to have the right to boast about your greatness in the heat of the big battle for, say, the next year?

One of the best things about listening to my good friends Matt Adams, Brian Katrek and John Maginnes on Sirius/XM talkin’ golf is when they start adding a little trash to that talk. It’ll all come to a head, a Hilton Head, right here on the Golf Island July 6-9 when their Listener’s Cup visits the Lowcountry for the first time.

listeners cup hilton head island

The 4th Annual Listener’s Cup, a Ryder Cup-style event with the three hosts as captains, will be contested over Sea Pines Resort’s Heron Point by Pete Dye, Heritage Golf’s renowned Palmetto Hall and will finish at Palmetto Dunes Resort’s famed Robert Trent Jones Course, with 14-hours of bragging to be done on Adams’ “Fairways of Life” show from 7-9am that Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and “Katrek and Maginnes On Tap” from 5pm till 7 Monday through Thursday, some of the shows coming from the courses, others from the host hotel for the event, the world-class Westin Hilton Head Island Resort and Spa.

The trio of hosts have either participated in or broadcast from all of professional golf’s major championships, but admit there’s nothing like the Listener’s Cup, where their abilities as captains will be questioned more than their talents as players. Adams has never even been to Hilton Head Island before. Katrek’s team is the defending champs, not that he’d ever remind anyone of that. He’s been here, but never played golf here, and Maginnes played in the RBC Heritage four times in his tour career, but Harbour Town’s regressing project will take away any advantage he’d have there.

The beauty of golf is that handicaps give us all a chance to compete. The 33 avid listeners who sold out the Cup field within 48 hours of its announcement are as diverse as any group of golfers you’ll find anywhere. From 17 different states, they range from CEO’s to truck drivers, from managers of finance to a manager of a hog farm, to four intrepid women ready to sling the verbal broadsides as well as they hit their wedges.

This is going to be wild, really wild, and you’re invited to join us. We’ll post a schedule of interactive opportunities the week before the event and if you’re in the neighborhood, come out and treat these folks like you would Rory or Jordan, and the captains like you would Watson and Seve. It’s all for fun, and yes, the right to brag ‘till next year’s Cup!