In Praise of Late Afternoon Golf

We golfers are creatures of habit. We stay loyal to the same swing, no matter how much trouble it gets us into. We stay loyal to the same clubs and balls no matter how poorly we play with them—or we predictably grab the next new hot driver, even if it’s not the right club for our game. And we stay loyal to our long-time tee times, no matter the evidence that maybe we’d be better off switching things up.


Those of us who play Hilton Head Island golf consistently get stuck into a summertime rut of trying to play as early in the morning as possible to beat the heat and humidity of the summer afternoons. But now that we’re past Labor Day, temperatures are cooling, and the best time to play might just be later than earlier. A lot later.

The late afternoons just get better every day from here through the rest of the fall. Even if you tee off in the mid-afternoon, you’ll have plenty of time to complete your round (remember, the courses are a lot less crowded because of us knuckleheads who just keep wanting to play early) before dusk, which is still nearly 7pm until Daylight Savings Time finally expires on  November 4th.

It just requires a little different mind-set. Think about it. If you take that walk on the beach at sunrise instead of spending it chasing the little white ball down those dew-swept Island fairways — remember, the sun rises over Hilton Head Island’s 12 terrific miles of Atlantic Ocean beaches and those sunrises are awesome. When you do tee off in the afternoon, there’ll be less traffic on the course. Even if it’s warmer when you tee off, you know it’ll be getting more comfortable with every hole you play, and frankly, the luscious scenery gets that much more gorgeous later in the day.


We already love the late afternoons in the Lowcountry—ask any of the outdoor patio purveyors on Hilton Head Island. What better way to enjoy the unbelievable sunsets over the marshes and moss-draped oaks than just coming off one of the terrific Hilton Head Island courses to one of those delightful patios for a happy hour you’ll treasure—and you’re already dressed for the occasion!