Golf expertise has global flavor on Hilton Head Island

It’s early Wednesday morning at Shipyard Golf Club on Hilton Head Island. It’s short game day, led by R.J. Schebel, golf instructor by day, golf coach by afternoon at the Junior Players Golf Academy.

That combination is what makes The Heritage Golf Group instruction stand out. The group

R.J. Schebel gives some short game pointers to Joe Didomenico at Shipyard Golf Club. Schebel is an instructor and coach at Island Golf School.

includes the two courses at Palmetto Hall, 27 holes at Shipyard and the 18-hole Oyster Reef.

Instruction is provided by the Island Golf School, which also runs the academy, which caters to outstanding junior players from around the world.

The school-clubs combo is a good division of labor, said Keith Bach, president of Island Golf School. While the staff at each club has other duties, the golf school’s instructors concentrate only on making their students’ games better.

For example, at Shipyard they have full-swing lessons on Mondays, short game tips on Wednesday and a three-hour clinic on Fridays that includes instruction, video analysis and playing nine holes with a pro. You can take home a CD of your video analysis for refreshers whenever you need them.

“Adults are easier to teach because they made the effort to take a lesson,” Schebel said, who arrived at the golf school after serving as a golf coach for Notre Dame. “With the junior golfers, they don’t need a lot of instruction, they just need a little coaching.”

That cross pollination between adults and teens, instructors and students infuses the lessons, no matter whom the student.

“For example, some of the students from South America learn golf a little differently than we do in the States,” R.J. said. “I’ve picked up some techniques from them.”

In turn, that knowledge funnels to other students, adults and teens alike. “We can offer the family many options,” Bach said. “Sometimes the adults want to get away and take their lesson while the kids can also have a lesson and not be in the same group. Then just the opposite — some families enjoy taking classes as a family. We do a lot of father and son golf schools.”

It’s also easy to book lessons, through

While on Hilton Head Island, tap into the wealth of international golf knowledge available at the Heritage Golf Group courses. It’s just what your game needs and you can’t get it anywhere else on Hilton Head Island.