Get FIT-ted!!

Now that you’ve taken your first few spring swings, and maybe already driven yourself crazy at your lack of improvement, the question arises—is it the arrow, or the archer? Is it me, or my golf clubs? I’m going through the same maddening conversation with myself right now and got an answer that was a lot less expensive than hours on the couch with my golf shrink (though if that golf shrink were Rene Russo’s character in “Tin Cup”, I might reconsider).

I went for a club-fitting. Most Lowcountry golf courses offer them. At Palmetto Dunes, they happen to be free of charge. And while you usually get what you pay for in this world, this was true value, a lesson on top of some ideas for the right clubs. Longtime PGA pro and Island newcomer Rod Thompson asked me to hit a few shots and immediately offered a correction or two. No Tiger-like “rebuilding”, just a couple of things to keep my two-plane swing from crashing into itself mid-air. He, and I’m sure a lot of veteran pros like him, gave me a little theory into why my ball was flying like it was and what these two minor swing thoughts could do to make it fly a little straighter and farther, even without the new toys he’d eventually be showing me.

You’ve been fitted for a suit or tuxedo before. The resulting garment just feels more comfortable. Same thing for a club-fitting. My last fitting was more than 20 years ago, and resulted in a set of clubs I used for nearly the last two decades that served me well, but became out-dated in golf’s great technical revolution. While I still believe that Hogan and Jones could beat us with the more primitive sticks of their time, it never hurts to see just what the new technology can do for you, especially when you’re fitted for the right club in the first place. Buying the latest hot driver off the rack because your buddy crushes his is nuts. We all have different swings, and while Mr. Thompson had to close his eyes at mine on occasion, he not only gave me some thoughts on which weapons would fit my swing the best, even better, he gave me some solid swing thoughts that actually have me itching to take my old sticks to the practice range for the first time in a long time.

Next time you come to the Golf Island, book a club-fitting with one of the friendly pros at nearly any of the courses. It might be the most productive hour of pure golf fun you’ll have the entire trip.