Four men and a golf mission

There are many reasons we work for a living, but the primary one for people like me is simple: Golf.
Add a trio of friends and you can’t miss for a perfect vacation. Travel to Hilton Head Island and the odds grow in your favor.

For that perfect buddy golf trip, Hilton Head Island has everything you need, a few things you don’t necessarily need but are really cool, and a few unexpected delights.

But there’s too much to pack into one blog. For example, where should you stay? What kind of courses do you want to play? Which courses have the nicest pubs? Who has the best-stocked beverage cart? Which courses are the toughest?

I’m going to break this into three easy steps:

1. Lodging. You gotta have a place to stay. Sleeping in your car is tacky and cramped with three pals and golf clubs.

2. Golf. There are dozens of courses. You’ll need a plan of attack.

3. Relaxing. Who has the best 19th hole and where can you get some cigars?

I realize there is a bit more to a buddy trip than sleeping and golfing. There’s eating, beach time and almost as important as all of the above: eating. Thankfully, there are blogs that address those aspects of your trip. Go there. I’m pretty focused on my two favorite things: sleeping and golf.

Stock hotel room

Where to sleep
Let’s start with where to stay. You have to make a couple decisions here to narrow the list because there are, literally, hundreds of places to stay on Hilton Head Island and in Bluffton. It’s a little overwhelming for all of us.

I can personally recommend several, all beachfront and all with familiar names: Westin, Hilton, Marriott. You can’t go wrong. Even if staff is a little off their game, (which is extremely rare) you can climb the corporate ladder until someone takes care of you.
My personal favorite is Hilton Oceanfront Resort on Hilton Head because it‘s a little quirky. It has the biggest rooms and direct access outdoors from each room. If I’ve been cooped up indoors at work for hours on end, I want to be outside pronto. If you like great pool decks, that would be the Marriott . The Westin Hilton Head Island Resort & Spa has a kick-butt restaurant called Oceans with the great views of the Atlantic.
Each has a tie in with one group of courses or another, but all will accommodate deviations from their list if you request a specific course. This is Hilton Head Island. Staff is there to make sure you’re happy and they’ll do whatever it takes.

Villas or homes
There are dozens of rental companies, most of them excellent, but I’ll risk singling out a few I’d call. I like Hilton Head Rentals and Golf because they’ve been around. It’s locally owned, the staff knows the area and it even has a golf coordinator. Resort Quest is another knowledgeable company that knows its market. Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort specializes in villas and houses and will give you a great deal on its courses. I don’t want to get off subject yet with a description of their courses, so stay tuned. That’s not to say there aren’t dozens of other good companies that can arrange your accommodations, but there isn’t room to list all of them.

Go to an internet travel site and brace yourself for the barrage of choices. I’ll leave that up to you.

Next blog: Which courses, for Pete’s sake?