Beware the Sh***ks!

Golf on Hilton Head Island is a thing of beauty, with a couple dozen gorgeous courses to choose from, lined with stately pines and graceful live oaks, dripping delicate Spanish moss.

But what if, in the midst of this beautiful island paradise, your golf game turns randomly ugly?

I have played the game for 20-some years, starting late, but making enough steady progress to secure a pretty solid 12 handicap. Drives are typically straight and long, mid-irons are dependable, chips and pitches are pretty consistent around the greens, and when they’re not, a deadly putting stroke often saves the day.

That was the case until a peculiar aberration appeared about two years ago.  Like an uninvited guest, suddenly, a shank showed up and simply refused to leave.  I had just switched clubs and blamed them at first.  But the problem persisted with my old reliable Pings.

What to do?  Take up tennis?  Move to Missouri? (no offense).  Quit and just walk the course for exercise?  Heaven forbid!

One of the great things about golf on Hilton Head Island is the preponderance of golf professionals available to solve even the most testy trauma.  My goal in the next several blogs is to seek a solution to this crisis of confidence about my game.  Every pro I’ve approached simply shakes his or her head, smiles wryly and assures me this can be fixed.  I’m trying to be positive but I have my doubts.

Stay with me during this trying time – my odyssey to return to the game I love – it’s either that or I start working on my backhand.