To Our Canadian Friends–Come On Down!

OH Canada! Hilton Head Island golf’s traveling road show was in Toronto over the weekend, with representatives from Palmetto Dunes and Sea Pines on hand, even giving away a free Lowcountry golf vacation to a lucky visitor!

Anecdotally, while it doesn’t bother the Canadian Geese, we know our golfing friends from Up North have had a tougher time justifying coming south for the winter than they have in recent years. It’s nobody’s fault, the American dollar has just gotten a lot stronger against the Canadian dollar in the last few years. But should that stop you from pursuing your passion during the months when it’s double-digit degrees warmer (Fahrenheit AND Celsius) in the Lowcountry than it is north of the border?

We heard from hundreds of Canadian golfers who’ve had to delay, cancel, or at least re-think coming to the Lowcountry.

Yet even our golf-blogging pals from Canada, like Tim Baines on, say that while there’ve been better times for Maple Leafers down south, there are reasons why it’s still worth a trip to places like Hilton Head Island who’ve continued to roll out the red-and-white doormat so that Canadian golfers will love our links.

Baines argues that the difference between the 80-cent Canadian dollar of a year ago and the 70-cent dollar now should be balanced against the 13% HST you don’t face in the States.

He also reminds Canadian golfers that gas is much cheaper down here, maybe only half as much. That’ll help you whether flying, or driving, to the Lowcountry. Is gas going for less than 40-cents a litre? It is around here.

He also likes to remind our friends up north that “happy hour” down here is pretty loosely interpreted—as in Happy Hours at most Island watering holes!

And most importantly, Lowcountry hotels, restaurants AND golf courses will work with you, offering amazing deals to keep their rooms, tables, and tee boxes busy until the more temperature-conscious (yeah, we’re softer, I admit it) golfing regulars around here get out on the courses.

So come and get it! Great deals are just a couple of clicks away at And come by and join us to just talk Hilton Head area golf, at the Toronto Golf and Travel Show.