I’ve got you babe… 28 years strong at the Hilton Head Island Wine & Food Festival.

Groundhog Day has passed and luckily we are not stuck in a perpetual rerun of February 2nd. However, if that reincarnated 24 hours happened to be the second Saturday in March and I found myself in Hilton Head Island, then instead of some kind of purgatory I would believe I did make it into heaven. That’s because it would be Wine & Food Festival day! My love of great wine (and food) satiated into infinity among the friendly folks and warm, blue skies of Hilton Head Island.

Dialing it back from that day dream, I am thrilled to once again be looking forward to the upcoming 28th annual Hilton Head Wine & Food Festival.

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Pop Open a Bottle of Fun at Uncork The Festival on Hilton Head Island!

Wine lovers come together for old-fashioned fun and wine-centric competition at the 2013 “Uncork” The Festival on Hilton Head Island, January 26th from 6-8 pm at The Beach House by Holiday Inn. The official kick off the to the 28th annual Hilton Head Island Wine & Food Festival, local festival sponsor teams and civic groups literally get their grape on during the hilarious grape stomping competition.

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Grab your Forks! Hilton Head Island Restaurant Week is Here!

Happy New Year, and while officially the holidays are over, foodies still have a reason to celebrate with the 5th Annual Chamber Restaurant Week, being held January 26 – February 2, 2013 in Hilton Head Island and Bluffton. From the looks of the list of restaurants participating you can nab an attractive discount with specially […]

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NOT your everyday Italian at Pomodori Italian Eatery on Hilton Head Island!

Comfort is a wonderful word and the phase ‘comfort food’ is even better. Lately I’ve been pondering the term and thinking about the foods that soothe and cheer a Southern soul. As sure as this is a personal choice, certainly there are more than a few that land in a Southerner’s top five. May I suggest grits, homemade biscuits, macaroni and cheese (NOT from a box!), squash casserole and here in the Lowcountry most any “one dish meal” made with rice (pilou, red rice, crab rice, etc.).

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Rock’in into the Holidays on Hilton Head Island with Taste of the Season

Every year the Hilton Head Island Chamber of Commerce throws down the culinary gauntlet with an event they call Taste of the Season. Yes, it kicks off the holiday season and yes, there are plenty of exciting tastes. But after this year’s amazing showcase of food deemed both creative and tasty, I’ll call it virtually a serious foodie’s paradise!

With almost three-dozen local restaurants and eateries represented, there was absolutely no lack of variety to be found. My only challenge was managing to fit a bite or two from each booth into my belly. Luckily this was not my first rodeo, so I paced myself and had a plan of attack formulated in my mind as soon as I walked through door. After making a quick pass by all the participants and taking a few notes, I circled back to get on with the eat’n.

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Make someone (and a lot of kids) happy – eat an oyster at the Hilton Head Island Oyster Festival!

Over the many summer trips to our local Hilton Head Island beaches my 5–year old daughter and I go on “sheshell” hunting adventures. It is as gratifying for me to witness her bubbling enthusiasm and wonderstruck awe in every newly found object, as it is for her in the moment of discovery. Our bucket full, we head home to examine our treasure, one by one we inspect them all, exclaiming the best quality of each. “This is beautiful Mommy, look how it is shaped like a heart!” or “This one is purple inside, purple is my favorite color!”

It does not surprise me to find that most of our collection is oyster shells, of countless shapes and color ranges. I stopped pointing out that most of the shells we see are “just oyster shells” two summers ago. To my daughter it doesn’t matter that they are numerous, because to her, each one is unique.

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Seafood Nirvana at the Historic Bluffton Arts & Seafood Festival

Sure, you may know the Hilton Head Island Lowcountry and even it’s neighbors, Bluffton and Daufuskie Island, but do you know one of the top coastal fall food festivals is right here in our own backyard? The 8th annual Historic Bluffton Arts & Seafood Festival is a weeklong annual event celebrating the “Bluffton State of Mind” and features locally harvested seafood, rich history, a juried art show, and more. Since this blog is foodcentric, be mindful that while I appreciate artisan crafts and their skillful makers, I am all about the food at this festival!

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Food for thought at Big Jim’s in Hilton Head Island

It’s been my experience that golfers not only hold a passion for playing the game, but most enjoy the fringe benefits associated with a day on the links. And I’m not just talking about hip madras plaid wear and sweater vests! I’m referring to a morning or afternoon spent outside in nature, good times with friends, and capped off with lunch, dinner or in the least “snacks” and drinks at the nineteenth hole. On Hilton Head Island there are a bevy of options for celebrating those birdie putts, and one of the latest to join (and some may say, rise above) the pack is Big Jim’s at the Robert Trent Jones golf course in Palmetto Dunes.

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Take a bite out of Hilton Head Island with Savor the Lowcountry

Did you know that Hilton Head Island boasts over 200 restaurants? That is a stomach full for most anyone and if you’re a foodie of the indecisive ilk, making the best choice may be tough given all the awesome Island eateries. Luckily, Alice Reid of Savor the Lowcountry has created, with assistance of some of the Island’s best and brightest chefs and restaurateurs, a foodalicious tour that will satisfy with scrumptious noshing for the foodie in you.

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From the Lowcountry with Love at September Oaks Vineyard

Trying to have a healthy and environmentally friendly Labor Day bash on Hilton Head Island can be a bit like serving Tofurky for Thanksgiving dinner. Your enthusiasm for vegetarian fare may spur your guests to scramble for steak and barbeque ribs, and merely expressing a desire to put limits on sugar-laden treats can make your family think you’re a scrooge. Now, I do not want to put the kibosh on the fun and being that this has been our first summer back in the Lowcountry “proper”, we have been indulging in the abundant local fruit and vegetable harvest, grilling everything from burgers to shrimp kabobs, and sipping cheery adult beverages – peach Bellini’s anyone?

So never the spoiler of a potential good time, but striving to be more conscientious this year, I searched for ways to be both! One clear and easy way toward a more sustainable party (and anytime, really) is to buy local. Luckily this is the Lowcountry so buying local is not really a problem – it’s an adventure! September Oaks Winery is a family owned boutique winery located in the pretty hamlet of Ridgeland, SC. In fact, if you drive to Hilton Head Island from the north you pass by the town exiting off Interstate 95.

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