Infographic: How to Enjoy a Shell-icious Raw Oyster

Shelled oysters with dressings and shucking knives on HIlton Head Island

Fall is in full swing and that means one thing on Hilton Head Island: Lowcountry harvest! If you’re looking to celebrate and sample Southern flavors, a Hilton Head Island fall getaway is a must. Our seafood is fresh, fall festivals abound, and that’s just the beginning of all that you can dig into on Hilton Head Island and in Bluffton.

One of our favorite fall delicacies to gobble down? A platter of raw oysters. Salty and smooth, these small luxuries of the sea are a Hilton Head Island staple. We have a rich history of farming, distributing, and serving oysters that spans more than 100 years. We’re home to the Bluffton Oyster Company, the last hand-shucking house in the state of South Carolina, and many of our restaurants serve ‘em up fresh for your dining pleasure.

Fresh from the sea, these hard-shelled wonders can taste like heaven. But, we understand how taking your first slurp, ordering a platter, or serving oysters at home can be a little intimidating. Relax, we’ve gotcha covered. Check out the infographic below for quick tips on everything from what to look for in a great oyster to what wines and sauces pair best.

Infographic about how to enjoy a raw oyster

Whew, are you hungry yet? We sure are. If you’re fixin’ for some Lowcountry dishes, make sure you keep an eye on our culinary event calendar and sign up to be a Hilton Head Insider to get the inside scoop on what’s coming up on the Island so you can book your trip down. Enjoy, and happy shucking!