Bucket List: Top spots to take your photo on Hilton Head Island

Forest at the Coligny Plaza Sign

One of the great joys of any vacation is being able to look back on your trip and relive those memories with your photos. There’s no shortage of amazing places, some even historic, here on Hilton Head for you and your family and friends to take that perfect “Christmas Card” worthy photo.

First time visitors and regulars alike know to make the trip down to Harbor Town and snap that photo of the family under the Lighthouse and on the Harbour Town pier, but where else can you capture a picture that gives you that quintessential Lowcountry feeling?

The sand dunes are not only beautiful, but are full of life and a great spot for a family photo, and you never know when a pod of dolphins might swim by just off the beach or a perfect formation of pelicans flies just overhead. We are lucky to have so many great outdoor tour companies here on Hilton Head Island. Whether you go out kayaking, in-shore fishing, or on a dolphin watch cruise make sure to take a photo while you explore the salt water marshes and the tidal creeks.

If you have young ones, make sure to check out Gregg Russell in Harbor Town and Shannon Tanner in Shelter Cove. Both are incredibly entertaining and talented musicians the whole family will enjoy. We are always hearing stories about kids who grow up going to these shows, and years later bringing their kids to the same show. How nice would it be to show your kids a photo of you on stage with either of these Hilton Head Island legends???

Another fun spot for the family is the Coligny Plaza stage. There’s always something going on at “Hilton Head’s Downtown.” Whether it’s live music, movie night, a puppet show or arts and crafts, any photos you take down there will certainly be fun and full of joy.

Finally, bring your camera along on your bike ride. There are many historic spots such as Mitcheville, the Zion Cemetery, and the Baynard Ruins. But don’t miss a photo of the small jon-boat at the end of Broad Creek off of Mathews Drive, the dock overlooking Jarvis Creek behind The Coastal Discovery Museum, or the statue of Charles Fraser and the alligator at Compass Rose Park. So not only will you have fun reliving these places, but you will be able to show your friends and family just how much Hilton Head has to offer. Have fun exploring!

Your bucket list guide to the best Hilton Head Island Photographs –

South End –

Coligny Plaza Stage

Forest at the Coligny Plaza Sign

Harbour Town Lighthouse – at the base or from the hike to the top

H Town 1

In Front of the Salty Dog sign or with Jake the dog at The Salty Dog!

jake salty dog salty dog

Gregg Russell – Harbour Town Oak Tree

Gregg Russell Harbour Town

With Food Network Star, Orchid, Owner of One Hot Mama’s


Compass Rose Park – With Sea Pines Founder, Charles Fraser and the Alligator Statue

compass rose park


Mid Island –

Shelter Cove Community Waterfront Park

Summer Sunset Party at Shelter Cove Towne Center

Shannon Tanner at Shelter Cove

Shannon Tanner at Shelter Cove

Harbour Zion Cemetery & Baynard Mausoleum – site of a revolutionary war battle – 278 & Mathews Drive

Zion Chapel & Baynard Mausoleum

The Dunes at Burkes/Islanders/Dreissen Beach first thing in the morning

Sunrise on Hilton Head


Historic Mitchelville – Fish Haul Creek Park Pier

Mitchelville Freedom Park Dock

North End – 

On the docks at Hudsons during Sunset

dock at hudsons seafood


Kayaking in Skull Creek or Broad Creek

Kayaking on Hilton Head

Greens Shell Park – Indian Shell Ring

Indian Shell Ring on Hilton Head

Tabby Ruins – corner of Squire Pope & Gum Tree Roads

Tabby Ruins on Hilton Head

Sailing and Rowing Center at Squire Pope Community Park

Sailing and Rowing Center on Hilton Head

Coastal Discovery Museum – Marsh Tacky Horses, Oaks and Museum House + Docks

Gray with Marsh Tacky Horse

Hope you got some great shots during your visit to the Island! Share them with us @VisitHiltonHead!