Sandbox & The Salty Dog For Halloween Festivities!

The Saturday before Halloween on Hilton Head Island is always filled with plenty of places to show off your kids costume on Hilton Head Island!  This year, we took Gray to two places, The Sandbox Children’s Museum for their annual “Spooktacular” Halloween and to The Salty Dog, for their Halloween Festival!


The Sandbox, located off Pope Ave behind St. Andrew By The Sea Methodist Church, is an indoor educational playplace where children and parents can learn and play together.  They were decked out for Halloween and had games, prizes and a costume contest for the kids!

Don’t peek! Stick your hands in the box and take a guess!

Even the Staff was in full spirits as a witch, princess and farmer!

















After we left the Sandbox, we went down to the Salty Dog for their festival!  They had a costume parade, tons of food and more games too.  The kids ran around until they were breathless, all with amazing views for the parents of South Beach Marina! 

Salty Dog Costume Parade!

Jake, The Salty Dog. Photo Courtesy of The Salty Dog

How cute are these costumes for Halloween I found at The Salty Dog Retail Store?  What a fun way to celebrate The Salty Dog style, no matter where you are!

The “Witch” of the Salty Dog!

Be a Salty Dog Cat with a Salty Dog Dog!