Pirates of Hilton Head, Ahoy!

Seeking out an arrrggghmazing adventure on the water with your little “mateys” during your next trip to Hilton Head Island?  Look no further than signing up with the crew of Pirates of Hilton Head, located in Harbour Town in The Sea Pines Resort!

For those of you looking for family time on Hilton Head Island, Harbour Town has a large children’s playground, lots of green grass, boats in the harbor, shops and restaurants.  A variety of cruises and water sports activities run out of the harbor as well.  Pirates of Hilton Head is one activity I have heard is a “must do” for the entire family – I knew I had to take Gray (19 months).

When we called to sign up (highly recommended as this adventure is in-demand) they told us to come about 15 minutes early to check in, get our pirate names and our tattoos!  Gray’s pirate name was “Gunner Gray” and he got a free face paint…with swords and bandanas available for purchase!

The kids learning pirate “lingo”

Before we got on the boat, aptly named “The Black Dagger,” there was a “matey” line-up and crew member “Shrimp” went over the rules of the ship. This is also where we (yes, parents are included) learned pirate lingo such as “arrrhhhh,” “aye aye” and “ahoy” so that we could all communicate with the crew.

We left the harbor and sailed out into the calm waters of the Calibogue.  Crew member “Scully” then hoisted the pirate flag along with help from his “mateys”….see the video here!  We then went on the hunt for “treasure” in the water!

Scully leads the boat!


Little did we know that we would soon be under “attack” by the one and only, “Stinky Pete”….who came out of nowhere claiming only he could have the “treasure”…I won’t ruin the surprise for you and your “crew,” but the “attack” involves water cannons and lots of screams!  Click here if you want to see a full video of “Stinky Pete” and his attack!

Defeating Stinky Pete!

After we defeated “Stinky Pete,” we drank some “grog” and had a wonderful photo opportunity with the famous Harbour Town Lighthouse behind us.  We sang songs and returned back to the harbor, safe and sound.  I was so glad I took Gray on this adventure….and although he was a little young to truly understand the storyline, he enjoyed the time on the boat and the interaction.

Gray & Mom with the Harbour Town Lighthouse behind us!

Gunner Gray grabs the “Treasure”

Last, add more fun to your day in The Sea Pines Resort by stopping into the bakery for the best banana-nut pancakes around….visiting the multi-age appropriate playground & tree house….visiting the boats…..or grabbing some world-famous chowder at the Crazy Crab.  You can see all of Harbour Town’s amenities here.


Pirates of Hilton Head

Restaurants in Harbour Town

The Sea Pines Resort

Gray explores with the Sea Turtle at the Harbour Town Playground

See-Saws on Hilton Head Island are made out of tree branches!