Whole Foods is Changing your Grocery Experience


Whole Foods Hilton Head invites you to revisit how you grocery shop. No more Michael Bolton melodies in the background, tired salad bars with marshmallow salad and your internal voice delivering a compelling soliloquy about why grocery shopping is such a pain in the asparagus. With endless aisles and food stations with healthy offerings, comfortable cafe seating and daily wellness-oriented activities, grocery shopping no longer needs to be quick and painless like removing a bandaid—it can actually, get this, be fun.

Any given week you can:

What:  On Tap Tuesday
When:  5-7 pm
Why:   Who doesn’t like a good beer tasting after long day? Enjoy 4 beer flights with matching munchies. First 5 attendees receive a free growler bottle.


What:  Thirsty Thursday
When:  5-7 pm
Why:  Because you would like to be more sophisticated and knowledgeable about wine. Enjoy 4 wine flights with pallet pleasers. Maybe meet a new friend…

What: Health Starts Here
When: 5-5:30 pm
Why:  For those of you who might feel overwhelmed by Whole Foods wonderland of wellness products or want to learn about how to be a savvy shopper, this tour is for you. You might even double down and jump into the wine tasting afterward.


What:  Open Mic Night
When: First Friday of every month 5-6:30 pm
Why:  Because if you have a teenager, this is good wholesome fun for them. Open to the 18 and under crowd, participants are invited to sing, tell jokes and/or flaunt their “mad skills.” Sweet and salty snacks are provided.

What:  Kid’s activities
When:  On the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month from 1-2 pm.
Why:  Because kids need to be reminded that healthy living is a blast. Oct. 13th is Super Veggies! and your little ones will learn the super powers of veggies. Oct. 27th is Paint a Pumpkin Party and costumes are welcomed.

NOTE: All events are held Whole Foods’ Cafe at 50 Shelter Cove Lane, Suite R.

To learn more about how to get your Whole Foods Hilton Head on, click here.

Be well, Becca