Quick and Easy Guide to a Healthy Vacation

The last family reunion vacation we took was to Emerald Isle, NC—a funky spot near Morehead City where greasy onion rings and baby oil compete with the sun for the shiniest award.

Steve Martin in The Jerk

After a week there, we felt awful.

The beach was tough to run on. We named the bikes at our house “Rusty,” “Grumpy” and “The Jerk” (after Steve Martin’s movie of the same name). And, while the food was light on our pockets, it was heavy on our waistlines.

So when it came to picking a gathering spot this year, we unanimously chose Hilton Head—which may sound odd given that fact that 1/4 of the family lives on the Island. But here was our rational (and a quick link directory for future-Griswald family vacationers):


Bike Rental and Repair Shops:

Bodywork and Spa Services:

Jiva Yoga instructors doing group yoga on the beach

Fitness Hot Spots:

Healthy Food Options:

Outdoor Activities:

Weightloss Specialists:

Me and my daughter Ransom walking on the beach in February

(Not to mention all the golf, tennis and beach walking you can fit in one forced-family-fun day!)

This year when we cram all 22 family members in one rental compound one thing is for certain—we will feel better. Yes, there might be some “teaching moments” with the cousins or bad action photos, but bloopers are funny—feeling like a blob is not.

Be well, Becca