(Part 2) Getting on the Right Wellness Path at the H3

I remember seeing Chris Farley snacking on carrots at Park Plaza Cinemas when I was 13 and asking one of my friends, “What is he doing on Hilton Head Island?!” (At the time, Chris Farley was at the height of his popularity.) My friend replied, “Oh he goes to the fat farm.”

As in insensitive as my friend sounded, she was not alone when it comes to this common misconception about Hilton Head Health (H3). After recently visiting the total wellness facility, I was able to experience firsthand what H3 is and isn’t about.

Common H3 misconceptions:

  • H3 is a fat camp. I’m going to hit the buzzard on this one–errrrr! H3 is a wellness retreat facility that teaches lifelong skills that affect not only weight loss but also time and stress-management skills, introduce you to a variety of workout options (from high to low impact), and will revolutionize the way you prep, cook and eat food.
  • At 300 calories per meal, you must be starving all day. If anything it was the opposite. When it came to the metabo meals I had to really make myself eat and I’m an eater–just ask my husband. The meals are integrated throughout the day with the workouts and your body truly functions to its optimal ability.
  • The food must taste like cardboard. I actually had a guest point this one out to me because he was so shocked that he loved the food. He was a robust Texan–meaning big heart, big personality, and big fan of the meat and three–and he was so surprised how satisfying (taste and quantity-wise) Chef Jen Welper’s food was.
  • The workouts are too tough. OR The workouts are too easy. I actually heard both of these from a wide range of people. All of the H3 workouts are designed to help you reach your full fitness potential and can be modified depending on any health condition or motivation level.


H3 guests

Lastly, I think so many people think H3 is just for really overweight people. Yet, during my day stay at H3 and meeting many of the guests, I realized H3 hosts a diverse group of wellness seekers, like:

  • A mother and her daughters (all of which looked fit) there to promote a healthy body image and good nutrition
  • One woman recovering from Lyme disease
  • One woman who comes every year as a treat to herself and way to jump start a yearly wellness initiative
  • A husband and wife who came to learn more about healthy cooking
  • A parent and teenager who were there to bond and improve overall health
  • People training for marathons and triathlons
  • A divorcee
  • An over-stressed accountant

And the list goes on and on. I’m thinking about getting a group of Hilton Head Island moms like myself who just had a baby and doing an out-patient retreat.

What’s your reason for booking a stay at H3?

Be well, Becca.