(Part 2) Get Outside!

Outside Hilton Head wants you to think big—big fun, big self-growth, and big group-bonding. Hilton Head Island’s leading outfitter offers three unique enrichment programs that take advantage of the Lowcountry and your potential for big success.


Kayaking the Lowcountry

Kayaking the Lowcountry

Group Adventures

Outside Hilton Head owner Mike Overton believes Hilton Head Island is teeming with nature-inspired learning opportunities.

The wonders of the Lowcountry are bountiful,” says Overton. “There are some many stories and learning in our rich nature, history, and culture.”

Mike and his team of certified naturalists and outdoor enthusiasts will accommodate any sized group—“from a small family adventure to the large corporate gatherings.”

Popular Group Adventures Include:

  • Boating the endless waterways of the Lowcountry
  • Teambuilding on a private island
  • Kayaking with dolphins
  • Fishing in world class waters
  • Touring historic Daufuskie Island


Custom event planning

Custom event planning

Destination Management

Outside Hilton Head has become one of the Island’s main sources in destination management. According to Overton, “Over the past five years our clients have included over 200 fortune 500 companies, many local organizations, civic and educational groups.”

Team Outside is passionate about creating an unforgettable adventure. Participants can choose from one of Outside Hilton Head’s signature events or have Overton and his crew create a custom-made experience.

Outside Hilton Head will manage:

  • Transportation
  • Lodging
  • Entertainment
  • Meals
  • Custom group adventures
  • And other trip logistics





Overton will be the first to tell you, “What can be learned is truly limitless.” He says, “The foundation of what we do is to build relationships—relationships with one’s self, one’s co-workers and one’s team.”

Team Outside will transform any group into a cohesive team by equipping each member with problem-solving skills and a more energetic outlook both personally and professionally. According to Overton, “Through careful understanding of your needs and goals, we tailor each program to meet those specific goals and desired results.”

Teambuilding opportunities include:

  • The Page Island Growth Center
  • Several Outside Hilton Head partner venues
  • Your company’s boardroom


If you are ready to go big, contact Mike Overton at (800) 686-6996.


Be well–Becca