(Part 1) Have Your Cake and Eat It Too at Hilton Head Island’s delisheeeYo Frozen Yogurt, Juice Bar and Cafe

Cathryn “Chef C” Matthes wants to take a bite out of the old adage, “you can’t have your cake and eat it too.” Cathryn is living, cooking proof that healthy food can taste delicious–or should we say delisheeeYo.

At Cathryn’s delisheeeYo on Palmetto Bay Rd (near the 278 traffic circle), you can savor the flavor of what she calls “functional foods”–or health-promoting, disease-preventing, probiotic-benefitting foods. Here’s just a few mouthwatering wellness options:

  • delisheeeYo’s Original Yogurt: Fat free, low calorie and probiotic yogurt with 30 tasty toppings including local honey, local fruit like fresh peaches and strawberries, chocolate and caramel sauce, pecans, hazelnut brittle, almonds, and granola (Note: The Chef’s favorite is the TK Yo, which is yogurt topped with diced organic apples, nut-brittle and local honey swirl.)
  • Happy Wrap: Organic greens, grated carrots, grated beets, delisheeeYo-made sprouts, avocado, and whole wheat wrap

    Cathryn picking fresh, local strawberries

  • Sunflower “Tuna” Salad (Note: My favorite lunch option is this on top of the Chef “C”s salad–an array of all carefully ripened, fresh, often local veggies, apple-cider/olive oil dressing and creamy tangy goat cheese)
  • Super 6 Smoothie: Fro Yo, 2 fruits, oats, almonds, Chia, mango nectar, and spiralina
  • Volcanic Lemonade: Organic Italian volcanic lemon, juice, agave nectar, PiMag water (ionized, filtered water), and a dash of cayenne
  • Pressed to order Juices: The options are endless here
  • Boney’s Kombucha: Fermented organic tea that according to Cathryn is “smart, sassy and makes you live a long time!”
  • Hot teas and Coffee: Including white, yerba mate, earl grey and roobeee tea and Monk’s Groovy Coffee French pressed and served with local honey or agave nectar
  • Plus, daily specials that reflect only the freshest of local ingredients from Hilton Head Island’s farmers markets and local purveyors

Cathryn is one of only a handful of women in the country who has earned the honor of being a certified executive chef from the American Culinary Federation and she has over 40 years of culinary expertise under her chef hat. After designing nutritional menus for Sierra Tucson (a treatment center for drug and alcohol addiction) and the Hilton Head Health Institute, Cathryn opened delisheeeYo in an effort to satiate the Island’s need for healthier, more-conscious food.

“Our smoothies are not just mystery frozen fruit and ice–they’re fresh and made to order. We offer super foods that support Hilton Head’s local businesses and farmers,” says Cathryn.

In next week’s post, we will look at all the health benefits of her foods. From the impact of alkaline-forming foods to the digestive power of probiotics, delisheeeYo serves up a hearty helping of nutrient-rich, flavor-filled foods.



32 Palmetto Bay Rd (in the Village Exchange), HHI 29928

(843) 785-3633


Be well!–Becca