Hilton Head Art Camps Help Youths

Youth depression and anxiety. I have been orbiting this topic for a few years now. My graduate thesis, an oral history book about the modern teen, followed several youths for 2 years and explored their stressors and coping mechanisms. From time to time, I teach writing courses at SCAD and Hilton Head Preparatory School and interact with teens navigating through emotional hurdles. And recently I wrote an article for CH2 Magazine titled, “Does My child Need Help?” in which I interviewed Myra Gasser, M.Ed., LPCI, RTY, and Joy Lauerer, MSN, PMHCNS, of Bloom Within Counseling who believe the increasing number of youths with psychological challenges is a serious problem nationwide.

My motivation for addressing this issue is not purely philanthropic. It is also personal. I have three daughters ages 5 to 1. I worry one day they may suffer as many children do.

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Parents Night Out at The Sandbox

According to the American Psychology Association, “75% of adults reported experiencing moderate to high levels of stress in the past month and 30% of children reported being worried.” Thankfully, stress (and stress-related illnesses like migraines and insomnia) can be alleviated with stress-management activities.

In an effort to better service Hilton Head Island and neighboring communities, The Sandbox (843.842.7645) is providing such a de-stressing solution. The interactive children’s museum is promoting family wellness and living by its motto, “Come Play With Us!” with Parent’s Night Out.

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Meet the World Campion Tourists

Meet the World Campion Tourists They come every year, like clockwork, always in spring. It is ritual, a great physical right of passage. No, I am not talking about spring break revelers on our Hilton Head Island shores. The epic travelers here are even more colorful, more driven by raging hormones, and more courageous. They […]

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Hilton Head Island “Experiences Green” While Spring Cleaning

Every spring I feel compelled to do some hardcore cleaning—don’t you? But before we Clorox© every inch of the house and throw away all those clothes that don’t fit anymore, we should consider going green when we clean.

After all, Hilton Head Island is. Teresa Wade of Experience Green (http://experiencegreen.org/) explains, “Hilton Head is a bucket list place to live and more and more I’m seeing the light bulb go off about green living.” Wade is referring to the Island’s increased efforts to recycle and community leaders stepping up to the green plate.

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Calibogue Sound is a Force of Nature

THE BLUE BOUNDARY separating Hilton Head Island from the mainland is a wide, sweeping waterway named Calibogue Sound. The sound is melded from the confluence of Mackay Creek, May River, Cooper River, Broad Creek, and six tributaries on Hilton Head Island. Deep and 13 miles long, this waterway curves like the body of a dolphin […]

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Fun Family Wellness at Hilton Head Farmer’s Market

As a mother of three girls, I believe being healthy is not only about eating right—it’s also about getting my daughters involved in the process. My family recently attended the Hilton Head Farmer’s Market and we were able to create an entire weekend of wellness. Here’s how:

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Three Mystery Beaches On Hilton Head Island

The beach on Hilton Head Island is a house of mysteries. Around every bend is a clue about places of great battles, lost plantations, landscapes reshaped. This Island keeps its secrets at the water’s edge. But you can discover the clues if you know where to look. GONE WITH THE WAVES Dolphin Head beach is […]

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Lowcountry Women Achieve Optimal Wellness with Bon Sain Complete Women’s Healthcare

With years of experience and a personal passion in preventive medicine, Dr. Kristi Blessitt and naturopathic practitioner Jennifer Burke of Bon Sain Complete Women’s Healthcare take women’s wellness to heart. “We want to optimize a woman’s wellness in the adolescent, reproductive and menopausal years,” says Dr. Blessitt. Bon Sain offers a very proactive and comprehensive […]

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(Part 2) Get Outside!

Outside Hilton Head wants you to think big—big fun, big self-growth, and big group-bonding. Hilton Head Island’s leading outfitter offers three unique enrichment programs that take advantage of the Lowcountry and your potential for big success.

Group adventures, destination management, and teambuilding…

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Saving Nature Reclaimed water is the Number One Environmental Success Story on Hilton Head Island

DO YOU WONDER where the water goes once you turn off the tap? Step out of your shower? Or flush? Besides delivering water to you, the Island’s two largest utilities Hilton Head Public Service District and South Island Public Service District treat this “wastewater” to strict quality standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency. But don’t think of this water as waste. It’s a valuable resource waiting for the right place to go. Happily, Hilton Head Island is just the right place.

In the early 1900s, many American cities discharged poorly treated and even untreated wastewater into river, lakes, and oceans. Los Angeles County was first to irrigate California golf courses with such wastewater. Problem: this water contained pollutants harmful to people and the environment. Passage of the 1972 Clean Water Act established standards for eliminating pollution in waters of the U.S. A key quality standard set the goal that surface waters must be “swimmable and fishable.” That goal improved water quality for humans. But what about plants and animals?

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