Hilton Head’s Dr. Hickey: The Cure to Chronic Illnesses

Aside from the discomfort factor, being chronically sick is a real pain. This is due mostly to the fact that you end up bouncing from one waiting room to another, one diagnosis or to another, or one treatment to another without any clear path to feeling better.

This is what I call the medical ping-pong effect—and it can be frustrating. I know. After being on bed rest for four months with pre-term labor with my third pregnancy, I experienced this firsthand.

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The 5 Best Places to See Winter Wildlife on Hilton Head Island

Jack Frost arrives late and departs early on Hilton Head Island and the South Carolina Lowcountry. The coast rarely braces for hard frost until late December, and that threat slinks away under the balmy breezes of early March. Winter is an 8-10 week span when the nights are long, “wet-chill” on the coast wends into […]

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Achieve Your Resolution at Daphne’s Cafe and Market in Hilton Head

Every new year rings in with high hopes of achieving self-improvement goals. According to the Journal of Clinical Psychology, this New Year the average American pledged one of the following top 10 resolutions: Lose weight Get organized Spend less, save more Enjoy life to the fullest Stay fit and healthy Learn something exciting Quit smoking […]

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Oysters: Guardians of the Coast

MEET THE OYSTER—the humble, craggy Eastern Oyster. It’s the lowliest of the creatures that live in the shoals of Lowcountry salt marshes, tidal streams, and wide waters like Port Royal Sound, Calibogue Sound and May River. Submerged at high tide, exposed to the elements at low, oysters are among the most ancient species on earth. […]

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Hilton Head Pharmacies Dispense a New Approach to Proactive Wellness

Two independent, locally owned pharmacies in Hilton Head are dispensing a new and proactive approach to wellness. Burkes Pharmacy (1101 Main Street, across from the Harris Teeter) and Stephen’s Compounding Pharmacy (430 William Hilton Pkwy, in Pineland Station) offer different, but equally comprehensive and boutique-like services to ensure clients receive optimal health care.

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Hilton Head Inspires Woman All Over To Be A Fit Chic

She was in the mommy doldrums when Laura Fromdahl was waiting in the carpool line at Sea Pines Montessori in Hilton Head Island ten years ago and another mom approached the driver side of her grocery getter car and asked, “Do you want to join a group of us training for a half marathon?”

“I remember thinking, ‘Well if I have to run 13 miles to make friends, I’m going to freakin’ do it,’” jokes Fromdahl.

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Getting Your Awesomeness On at CrossFit Hilton Head BootCamp

According to Craig Hysell, owner and head coach of CrossFit Hilton Head, people are not just people. They are athletes. And as an athlete, you can jumpstart your awesomeness with Hysell’s empowering BootCamp—a 1-month precursor to becoming a CrossFit superstar. The purpose of the BootCamp is simple: to ensure you’re safely and effectively doing the […]

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The Mysterious Sea Pines Shell Ring

THE FIRST VISITORS arrived on Hilton Head Island 4,000 years ago. This is no typo: 40 centuries in the distant past, Archaic (means “early”) Indians migrated across North America and arrived on its coastal islands. Evidence—from fossils to tools and ceramics found here—shows that the Ancient Ones came to the coast to hunt small game […]

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Anti-Aging In Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island is a vivacious town. Locals and tourists alike bike, rollerblade and walk/run on the Island’s 60+ miles of multi-use trails, take advantage of the temperate weather, and get healthy at local spas and fitness/wellness facilities.

People here also have several great go-to’s to combat aging and maintain their healthy glow. After a recent big birthday (a lady never tells her age, so I will not disclose the exact number), I treated myself to a few signature Hilton Head Island anti-aging services, activities and words of wisdom.

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Hilton Head Pilates and Yoga Studio Helps You “Work That Core”

At the core of your optimal fitness is your core. Yet, according to Katie Finger Giraldi of Core Pilates and Yoga, many of us confuse core with Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s washboard stomach.

“Everybody thinks core is just crunches and abdominal exercises,” says Giraldi. “But the true core is your stomach and back and how they work together. The truth is, if you do 100 crunches it won’t do anything for you. You’ve got to work on your back and your front in unison.”

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