Staying Healthy in Hilton Head’s Heat

Summers past, we have kicked off the season with an epic all day trip to Coligny Beach, the Sea Pines Beach Club or one of the Island’s private plantation club pools. And—despite multiple sunscreen applications—each year my three fair skinned daughters have soaked in a little too much fun in the sun and we have ended up spending the rest of the week applying aloe from our garden and doing puzzles (of other people enjoying the beach). In the past, because 80% of one’s skin damage happens before the age of 18, I was left feeling a little bit defeated by summer and deflated by my hopes of being “Super Summer Mom”.

But not this year. Not my family—and not yours, either. As Hilton Head continues to heat up, we are chilling with 3 simple steps.

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Eco-Adventures in Sea Pines on Hilton Head Island

When Charles Fraser pioneered Sea Pines, he trail blazed a new approach to living—from family life to truly enjoying the outdoors. Over a half a century later, Sea Pines Resort continues his legacy in so many ways—especially with its eco-adventures.

“Our excursions are not just for guests. We encourage locals to go out and explore Sea Pines, too,” said Steve Graham, Recreation Manager for Sea Pines. “And everyone, can go multiple times because you will see something different and inspiring every time.”

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Finding the Fountain of Youth at the Sanctuary European Day Spa in Hilton Head Island

I’m turning 35 in two weeks and, like Ponce de Leon and his fountain of youth, I have set out on a quest to find the best anti-aging services on Hilton Head Island. My journey has proven a challenging one, given the fact that there are so many outstanding spas and signature treatments in the area. But, alas the two services that seemed to turn back the clock the most—the Bioslimming Body Wrap and the Age Reducing Facial—were unearthed at The Sanctuary European Day Spa in Park Plaza.

The Sanctuary has been in business for 16 years and its owner Lisa Murphy has been rejuvenating her clients for over 25 years. “Of course I want people to feel pampered here, and they do,” said Murphy. “But our treatments are more than just about pampering. We want people to leave here with long lasting results.”

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Exploring the Audubon Newhall Preserve

“We came here six years ago,” began Ula Li, “We liked it so much, we had to come back. It’s just as beautiful as we remembered it.” Li and her husband are sitting on a bench overlooking the Audubon Newhall Preservepond. They are admiring a sunning alligator. “Plus, in Delaware we don’t have alligators.” Jeff […]

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Carolina GurlSpa Gives Girls a Healthy Dose of TLC

Imagine a spa lounge with colorful lanterns hanging from the ceiling, playful pink walls decorated with butterflies and flowers, cozy furry purple blankets strewn casually across plush chaises, and coffee tables with the most recent edition of National Geographic for Kids and Girls Life.

This is Carolina GurlSpa—where young girls get a healthy dose of positive messages and much needed TLC.

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Hilton Head Summer Camps

In the not so far distance, you can hear Alice Cooper singing, “Schools out for summer.” But don’t worry moms, school does not need to be blown to pieces. Be a rock star mom by providing mental and physical wellness for you child. Rock out summer camp—Hilton Head style.

The Top 5 Reasons to Send Your Child to Summer Camp:

You child will be physically active and mentally challenged.
Your child will experience success, become more confident and feel more independent.
Your child can explore new hobbies and interests that will have a lasting positive impact.
Your child will have free time for unstructured play and have the opportunity to enjoy fun, experiential learning time without the perceived constraints of achieving grades or participating or competing with kids of other levels.
Your child will learn social skills and foster new friendships.

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Alligator Wine and Cheese Boat Tour

When my husband and I decided to be tourists in our town, we first looked to the Sea Pines Forest Preserve and discovered H2O Sports hosts an “Alligator Wine and Cheese Cruise” in the early evening (usually 4:30-6). This seemed like Lowcountry sophistication at its best so we invited a few couple friends.

Their reactions were, well, amusing:

“Wine—yes. Cheese—definitely yes! Alligators—let’s not tell my husband about that part.” (Parker Harrington)
“Why does this remind me of Gilligan’s Island?” (Kelly Hughes)
“Cocktailing with nature, why not?!” (Jennifer Wilkins)

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FACES Day Spa: A Fantasyland of Treatments

For years I’ve been helping my daughters go to sleep with fantastical stories about “A magical place where all your dreams come true.” For them this usually entails chocolate rivers with marshmallow boats and really fun fairies with magical wands.

With each imaginative journey, I’ve secretly thought to myself, “Where’s my fantasyland?” and that question was answered when I made good on a gift certificate to FACES Day Spa, in the Village at Wexford.

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An art as old as Hilton Head: Cast net throwing

Cast net fishing is one of the most basic techniques to catch shrimp or small bait fish as you prepare for day of fishing on Hilton Head Island. Cast nets have been used for thousands of years and certainly as long as people have lived on Hilton Head Island. Cast nets are, well, nets, with […]

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Quick and Easy Guide to a Healthy Vacation

The last family reunion vacation we took was to Emerald Isle, NC—a funky spot near Morehead City where greasy onion rings and baby oil compete with the sun for the shiniest award.

After a week there, we felt awful.

The beach was tough to run on. We named the bikes at our house “Rusty,” “Grumpy” and “The Jerk” (after Steve Martin’s movie of the same name). And, while the food was light on our pockets, it was heavy on our waistlines.

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