Getting in Touch with Nature on Daufuskie Island

Want to get unplugged, relax, and reconnect with nature? Of course you do. We all do. So, let’s close our eyes and try this:

Imagine the rhythmic sound of a boat’s bumper gently rapping against an old wooden dock or the squawk of a seafaring bird.
Inhale South Carolina’s coastal air and let the briny scent of a low tide and exposed oyster beds overtake your olfactory.
Feel the heat as your feet walk on mid-afternoon sand in the summer.
Boil some local shrimp to a pretty pink and then taste a spectrum of flavors from sweet to salty.
Envision the infusion of color as an electric sun melts down into the horizon.

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Having a Fit-cation in Hilton Head

Hilton Head’s history is nutrient-packed with health-consciousness—from its original Native Americans inhabitants who lived off the land to Charles Fraser’s holistically minded development, Sea Pines Plantation. This tradition continues today not only with us locals, but with our guests, too—and now with more wellness options than ever before. Whether you want to be a tourist in your own town or you are visiting the Island, here’s a how-to to getting fit on you next vacation (or stay-cation) on Hilton Head.

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Hilton Head Restaurant Brings Preservation to the Plate

When it comes to ordering oysters, the world is literally, well, your oyster. There’s the more well-known ones like Apalachicola… And then there are the more exotic ones like Naked Cowboy. Each one of these scrumptious bivalves has its own flavor profile based on the water it was harvested in. Take our local oysters. Like our Lowcountry estuaries (and maybe our locals), our oysters are categorized as briny yet sweet.

And whether you like your oysters raw, steamed, fried, baked or in chowder, these tiny, tasty treats are packed with something that goes beyond culinary descriptives like “aromatic” and “succulent.”

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Get Going with Hilton Head’s Go Tri Sports

Everyone seems to be looking forward to fall. Every time I bump into someone they emphatically say, “I’m sooo ready for fall!” But why? Summer did us right, right?—I mean, you can’t go wrong with comfy beachwear, boat rides to Daufuskie and agenda-less afternoons. But, ask yourself:

A) Are you ready to enjoy cooler weather?
B) Have you run out of things for the kids to do and ready for some “you” time?
C) Do you secretly miss having a schedule?
D) All the above?

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Hilton Head’s White-Tailed Deer

I grew up on the Island and I’ve always appreciated (and even reveled in) how immersed we are in nature. (To my husband’s chagrin maybe too immersed.) Living on the water in Pt. Comfort, we are regularly rehabbing furry friends.

To date, we’ve rescued:

1 squirrel
1 rabbit
1 chipmunk
1 red-eyed vireo (bird),
1 marsh rat (yep, I said marsh rat)
2 raccoons

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Let’s Play: Finding adventure and wellbeing in HHI

Amber Shadwick is all about making a profession out of playing. Owner of Fitside, Shadwick offers wellness coaching, personal training, private and group yoga (on and off the beach), corporate wellness and destination fitness (often through Outside Hilton Head). You ask anyone that has had the pleasure of meeting her and they’ll say she’s the real deal because she lives and breathes what she preaches (aka “fun mindfulness”).

“I love being outside—an adventure is always waiting out there,” said Shadwick, who truly appreciates connecting with nature and her wellbeing. “My favorite activity is paddleboarding out to the sand bank off of the Westin, doing some yoga and being mindful of myself and the environment that surrounds me.:

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Help fight breast cancer—and your growing waistline

Training for this fall’s three-day, 30-mile LoCo Motion walk/run fundraiser can put you on track to lose weight and improve your health. Now in its third year, LoCo Motion takes place Sept. 27-29 along the beaches and neighborhoods of Hilton Head Island and Callawassie Island. Proceeds from the event benefit regional cancer organizations, including Beaufort Memorial Hospital’s Keyserling Cancer […]

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Aqua Zumba at Hilton Head Health (H3)

Pool + Zumba = Aqua Zumba, a creative and safe workout led by fitness instructor/guru Alyssa Petro at Hilton Head Health (H3). “Water aerobic sports like Aqua Zumba offer de-conditioned or injured people a non-impact way to get back into shape,” said Petro.

Petro, who practiced tap and ballet as a youth and has been ballroom dancing since 2001, has always been into dance fitness. In addition to Aqua Zumba, she is also certified in Zumba, Zumba Gold, Zumba Atomic (for kids), Burn at the Barre and Surfset and she is an ACE personal trainer. Listening to Petro talk about her classes and students you are struck with the fact that she truly enjoys helping people feel good physically and emotionally.

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Staying Healthy in Hilton Head’s Heat

Summers past, we have kicked off the season with an epic all day trip to Coligny Beach, the Sea Pines Beach Club or one of the Island’s private plantation club pools. And—despite multiple sunscreen applications—each year my three fair skinned daughters have soaked in a little too much fun in the sun and we have ended up spending the rest of the week applying aloe from our garden and doing puzzles (of other people enjoying the beach). In the past, because 80% of one’s skin damage happens before the age of 18, I was left feeling a little bit defeated by summer and deflated by my hopes of being “Super Summer Mom”.

But not this year. Not my family—and not yours, either. As Hilton Head continues to heat up, we are chilling with 3 simple steps.

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Eco-Adventures in Sea Pines on Hilton Head Island

When Charles Fraser pioneered Sea Pines, he trail blazed a new approach to living—from family life to truly enjoying the outdoors. Over a half a century later, Sea Pines Resort continues his legacy in so many ways—especially with its eco-adventures.

“Our excursions are not just for guests. We encourage locals to go out and explore Sea Pines, too,” said Steve Graham, Recreation Manager for Sea Pines. “And everyone, can go multiple times because you will see something different and inspiring every time.”

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