SHAPE + Best Beaches in America for Fitness Lovers

Offering the latest health, fitness, beauty, and fashion news SHAPE magazine  shared their 35 Best Beaches in America for Fitness Lovers. These coastal cities and seaside towns, ranked by Foursquare and our own comprehensive research, are shore bets for your next active vacation.  See more of their story HERE or read on below for a […]

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Spring Clean with Locally-Inspired Smoothies

Spring has sprung and so has the urge to spring clean—and not just our closets. It’s time to tidy up our minds and bodies. It’s time to get immersed with nature. It’s time to be a “smoothista”. Smooth·isita | smo͞oT͟Hēsta | noun: someone adept at making smoothies   Here’s how: Step 1—Visit Bear Island Farm […]

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Healthsmart store

Benefit from Boutique Wellness at Healthsmart

In today’s super-sized, supermarket world, sometimes super is not always, well, super duper. Especially when it comes to our health, many of us would like personal attention and customizable plans. So, what if there was a health food store: Where everybody knows your name, And they’re always glad you came… “Healthsmart is a boutique health […]

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Indigo Spa facial

Love Your Body at Hilton Head Health’s Indigo Spa

Hilton Head Health’s philosophy is simple: Love your body. This award-winning, weight loss resort has been helping people get fit since opening in 1976 and recently added Indigo Spa—a boutique luxury facility that is available to both guests and the public. According to Hilton Head Health CMO Carol Stratford, “The color indigo symbolizes deep compassion—a […]

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ShellRing Andrew walking copy

Oysters Lovers, Sink Your Teeth into a Sweet New Concept

Oysters. From Apalachicola to Zen, these briny bivalves are a tabletop testament to how food goes beyond just sustenance. Food has the power to reconnect us to our historical roots and to propel us forward into our future with new culinary and socially conscious trends. For this reason, Hilton Head native Andrew Carmines recently launched […]

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Glen SUP

It’s Time to Take a Rejuve-cation

rejuvenate verb | re·ju·ve·nate | ri-ˈjü-və-nāt : to make (someone) feel or look young, healthy, or energetic again : to give new strength or energy to (something) vacation noun | va·ca·tion (often attributive) | vā-ˈkā-shən : a period of time that a person spends away from home, school, or business usually in order to relax […]

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Sweet Eats For All The Sweeties In Your Life

The ancient Greeks identified six different forms of love: Eros = Sexual passion Philia = Friendship Ludus = Playful love (i.e. flirting) Agape = “Yoga love” (my term for love for all beings) Pragma = Enduring love (i.e. what your grandparents have) Philautia = Self-love Whether you have all or one of these love types […]

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Hudson's Lowcountry inspired salad

Eating Clean at Hilton Head Hot Spots

Last post defined eating clean as enjoying socially and environmentally conscious food packed with nutrition, rather than processed with unsavory ingredients like antibiotics, pesticides, stabilizers, and artificial additives. We looked at three Hilton Head hideaways—DelisheeeYo, Pure Natural Market and Java Burrito. This week, let’s sink our teeth into three Hilton Head hot spots owned an […]

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Java Burrito owners Michael and Fredrika

Eating Clean at Hilton Head Hideaways

The other week I joked to my friend, “It always either feels like a Monday or a Friday, but nothing in between.” At the time, I was eating a boring salad at my desk and talking to her on speaker while I checked my emails, jotted down my to do list and saved an article […]

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