Lowcountry Women Achieve Optimal Wellness with Bon Sain Complete Women’s Healthcare

Bon Sain Dr. Kristi Blessitt

Dr. Kristi Blessitt

With years of experience and a personal passion in preventive medicine, Dr. Kristi Blessitt and naturopathic practitioner Jennifer Burke of Bon Sain Complete Women’s Healthcare take women’s wellness to heart.

“We want to optimize a woman’s wellness in the adolescent, reproductive and menopausal years,” says Dr. Blessitt.

Bon Sain offers a very proactive and comprehensive healthcare experience for patients in which holistic and traditional medicine work collaboratively to achieve optimal health.

“Many pharmaceuticals can have significant side-effects on the body, as well as the mind. The goal of course is to avoid this by taking preventative measures when possible,” says Dr. Blessitt. “For example, using acupuncture, yoga or cognitive behavioral therapy for stress related illness” or (and this is my personal favorite) “inositol for insomnia.”

Bon Sain naturopathy

Naturopathic Practitioner Jennifer Burke

Burke adds, “The body can heal itself of just about anything if clear of toxins and given proper rest, nutrition, mental outlook and natural stimulation. As the body’s facilitator, I can help identify the cause of a problem, eliminate toxins, recommend substances to deal with deficiencies and stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms.”

The staff at Bon Sain can create a complete wellness profile for patients. “This may take several steps or appointments, but we can individualize your hormone therapy and vitamin and supplement intake and address your specific health concerns and conditions,” says Dr. Blessitt.



  1. Eliminate factors that contribute to disease. For example, maintaining a low-glycemic diet to combat diabetes or avoiding a sedentary lifestyle and getting a personal trainer to fight obesity.
  2. Learn stress management. Stress is linked to hypertension, heart disease and various psychiatric illnesses—just to name a few. Bon Sain encourages patients to try management strategies like exercise, meditation, reading, acupuncture, or massage for equanimity of the body and mind.
  3. Know your family history and optimize risk reduction of genetic diseases. This may include avoiding estrogens from medication or the environment in order to optimize the patient’s hormone profile and lower the risk of estrogen-sensitive breast cancer or taking higher doses of certain antioxidants and niacin to lower the risk of heart disease or high cholesterol.
  4. Screen for common diseases. Bon Sain recommends scheduling a pap smear, mammogram, bone density test, cholesterol test, and/or colonoscopy routinely depending on age and risk.
  5. Be proactive about existing conditions. Dr. Blessitt says, “This is very patient specific but compliance and control from the very beginning can really slow or halt progression. For example, diabetics should follow an appropriate ADA diet, take their meds regularly and monitor blood sugars.”

Bon Sain is located at 29 Plantation Business Park in Bluffton. For more information visit bonsain.com or call (843) 715-0570.