Looking for a Wellness Destination? Here’s How Hilton Head Heals

Do you know the secret to your smart phone’s battery life?—Simply, manually exit out of the running apps you aren’t using. Now, let’s go a step further. Do you know the best way to charge your own mental battery?—What if I told you it was as easy as exiting out of the day-to-day and existing memory applications that no longer serve you by touching certain points on your body?

Then, what if I told you you could learn how to do it and even get certified right here in Hilton Head and the surrounding area?

Dr. Anthony Mattis

The technique is called The Bars and is grounded in the principles taught in Access Consciousness. According to Dr. Anthony Mattis, “The Bars is a simple yet powerful hands-on body tool that can unlock areas of limitations in our lives. It deals with electromagnetic points that carry limiting beliefs in the areas of money, happiness, joy, peace, calm, gratitude, creativity and healing—just to name a few. At the very least, it’s very relaxing, and at best, it will change your life forever.”

Dr. Mattis is a Doctor of Chiropractic and has been in practice for 14 years. He graduated with a BS degree in Health/Fitness and is a certified life coach, Elite Master BEST practitioner, Bars & Body process facilitator, and certified Passion Test facilitator. Dr. Mattis is one of many local holistic practitioners who want to make Hilton Head and Bluffton a healing destination—not only by providing wellness services, but by also hosting educational courses and certifications.

“It’s so gorgeous here,” began Dr. Mattis. “And it’s peaceful. What a perfect place to come heal!”

Other wellness initiatives with Dr. Mattis include:

  • April 26th—Body Process class from 10am to 6pm at the Just Be Center in Bluffton. This class deals with unlocking physical traumas in the body.
  • April 30th—Passion Test workshop from 9:30am to 12:30pm in Lady’s Island. The Passion Test is a tool to help people discover their passions and purpose in life.

(Note: You may also check out Dr. Mattis’ site for additional information.)

Amber holding the sun picIn addition to covering green living, this blog will continue to look at powerful, restorative and life-changing health opportunities on Hilton Head Island. Check out the below links. You will find information on certifications in exercise modalities like yoga, Pilates and Barre, bodywork workshops and nutritional cooking classes.—Be well, Becca

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