Let’s Play: Finding adventure and wellbeing in HHI

Sunset with Shadwick

Amber Shadwick is all about making a profession out of playing. Owner of Fitside, Shadwick offers wellness coaching, personal training, private and group yoga (on and off the beach), corporate wellness and destination fitness (often through Outside Hilton Head). You ask anyone that has had the pleasure of meeting her and they’ll say she’s the real deal because she lives and breathes what she preaches (aka “fun mindfulness”).

“I love being outside—an adventure is always waiting out there,” said Shadwick, who truly appreciates connecting with nature and her wellbeing. “My favorite activity is paddleboarding out to the sand bank off of the Westin, doing some yoga and being mindful of myself and the environment that surrounds me.

Shadwick’s Top 3 Wellness Tips:

  1. Think nature, especially roots. Like a tree, spread your roots and drink more water by exploring being in the water. Then disperse your roots—spread, seek, root, re-root and grow!
  2. Get fresh air and feel rejuvenated. Find every opportunity to enjoy all that Hilton Head or any other destination has to offer and soak in a natural source of Vitamin D—with proper protection, of course! :)
  3. Find freedom in your surroundings with new adventures. Remember we are all always evolving. Seek new exploits and invite healthy, fun and FUNctional activity into our being.

Shadwick acknowledges that sometimes new things can be intimidating, or even scary but says, “fear is actually false experiences appearing real.” She recently overcame her fear of heights while trying Zip Hilton Head and admits, “I’m a really grounded person and thought I would be scared, but I went for it. The people at Zip Hilton Head do a great job of making you feel comfortable and safe.”

Shadwick encourages everyone to be playful and take advantage of all the adventures available in the area. Here’s her top picks from sunrise to sunset to being playful and, yes adventurous, in the Lowcountry.

Shadwick doing SUP yoga

Shadwicks Top Adventures:

  • Kick butt at beach boot camp. You can start out your morning getting fit with Shadwick’s morning time total body workout.
  • Zip-it. Mid-morning is a great time to try Zip Hilton Head and get a unique perspective of the area.
  • Explore via a SUP paddleboard. Paddle out somewhere, explore, sightsee or try a yoga practice and then enjoy a healthy lunch picnic.
  • Hike Pinckney Island. Wait until the afternoon sun is setting and take a scenic, nature-filled hike. You might even bring a light snack and or refreshments and spread a quilt outlooking an inspiring Lowcountry vista.
  • Paddle a full moon kayak adventure. Check Outside Hilton Head‘s site for dates and details.

Be well—Becca