Hilton Head’s Dr. Hickey: The Cure to Chronic Illnesses

Aside from the discomfort factor, being chronically sick is a real pain. This is due mostly to the fact that you end up bouncing from one waiting room to another, one diagnosis or to another, or one treatment to another without any clear path to feeling better.

This is what I call the medical ping-pong effect—and it can be frustrating. I know. After being on bed rest for four months with pre-term labor with my third pregnancy, I experienced this firsthand.

Yet, the light at the end of my seemingly dark, health journey tunnel was Dr. Joseph Hickey.

Dr. Hickey

Dr. Hickey:

  • Earned an undergraduate degree from University of Notre Dame (1973) and a medical degree from New York Medical College.
  • Performed his medical internship at Jackson Memorial Hospital (a University of Miami affiliated hospital in Miami, Florida) and his residency at Montefiore Hospital and The Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx.
  • Started his first private practice in internal medicine (1980-1994) in his hometown of Peekskill, NY.
  • Served as a clinical instructor of internal medicine at New York Medical College and was instrumental in creating various community programs.
  • Worked as the Assistant Police Surgeon for Peekskill Police Department, Town of Cortlandt Police Department and the New York State Troopers.
  • Relocated to Hilton Head in 1994 and joined an existing internal medicine practice.
  • Co-founded The Heritage Medical Center in 2000.
  • Established The Hickey Wellness Center, a primary care and internal medicine facility in 2004.
  • Authored the book, Cholesterol Phobia!: The Reason America is Fat and Unhealthy, which focuses on obesity, heart disease and diabetes and how to prevent and cure such diseases.
  • Published his research on his study of heart disease and the low carbohydrate diet in the national peer review journal, Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders.
  • And is currently doing clinical research on fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and ALS while furthering his research on heart disease, obesity and cholesterol.

Dr. Hickey is also known nationally and internationally for chelating—a process that removes toxic metals from the body and has been instrumental in my recovery.

In addition to all these accomplishments, Dr. Hickey’s greatest clinical attribute is his relentless search to best understand the human body and mind. Wellness for him is a comprehensive examination of an array of factors—from environmental pollutants, to spiritual growth, to contraindicating medications.

This man reads a lot. I mean a lot.

As a result, his far-reaching expertise enables him to be an excellent diagnostician, thus putting the medical ping-pong paddle down.

Furthermore, Dr. Hickey’s patients receive personal care. He and his staff (which includes his wife Lisa and his nurse Cathy who has worked with Dr. Hickey for over 15 years) do not identify you by your ailments. They identify you by your first name and ask you questions about your children, or your spouse, or your golf game. You do not feel sick at The Wellness Center. You feel taken care of. And with chronic illness, this is often the best remedy.

Be well, Becca